The l’Équipe group launches a collection of NFTs around the Ballon d’Or

Owners of some of these digital files are given tickets to attend the prestigious ceremony, which is usually off-limits to the public.

The L’Équipe group enters Web3 by relying on its most famous asset: the Ballon d’Or. The award ceremony for the best football players, created in 1956 by France football and broadcast today in more than 200 countries, will spawn a collection of NFT. These will be inspired by pyrite, the rare mineral that forms the basis of the famous reward.

Three of these unique digital objects provide access to a unique experience: attending the Ballon d’Or 2022 award ceremony on 17 October. This event is usually closed to the public. “We cover the transport costs to Paris, anywhere in the world. The owners of these NFTs stay in the same hotel as the players, walk the red carpet and have access to the cocktail“, explains Émilie Montané, strategy and development director of the l’Équipe group. These three NFTs, created by the artist Léo Caillard and called “True Pyrite”, will be auctioned on September 15th with a bottom price of 999 euros each.

Twenty years of access to the ceremony

Another collection of 2022 NFTs, the “Pyriet Fragments”, will go on sale at the end of October for a fixed price of 249 euros. A presale, with a reduced price of 199 euros each, is open to people who are registered on a “whitelistthanks to several operations organized by the l’Équipe group. “The owners of these 2022 NFTs will receive information in preview, in the form of newsletters or video content, and can participate in competitions.Émilie Montané continues.

Some NFTs for sale offer access to other benefits, the most prestigious of which will be guaranteed access to the Ballon d’Or ceremony for 20 years. As with lotteries, buyers won’t know if they’ve won the jackpot until November 3.

Finally, on November 8, two other NFTs of the artist Léo Caillard will be auctioned during the annual sale of art photos by the l’Équipe group. Their owners will have access to the Ballon d’Or ceremony in 2023.

Offer real rewards

The L’Équipe group could have offered similar benefits to its readers without using NFTs. But he saw it as an opportunity to experiment with new technologies. “We want to understand Web3. It would be a shame if a group like ours, strong in digital, did not invest in this area“explains the strategy director.

Before the launch, the media group has been observing this sector for a long time. “We’ve learned that you shouldn’t overcharge for NFTs, and that they should offer rewards that make you‘ she continues. The group made sure to use an energy-efficient blockchain, Tezos, and surrounded itself with Door-Sport, a creative agency dedicated to sports and Web3. The operation will also be promoted by influencers linked to the crypto and web3 universe.

The timing of the launch of these NFTs may come as a surprise. After a period of euphoria, the crypto asset market collapsed in 2022.”There was a speculative phenomenon. Now the market is stabilizing: there are the same number of buyers, but the prices are not so crazy anymoreÉmilie Montané explains. The NFT collection also accompanies the new Ballon d’Or ceremony formula. Each winner will leave with a digital twin of their trophy. “They will own this NFT and can do whatever they want with it. It is a strong communication tool.»

If all the “Pyrite Fragments” find buyers, the sale will bring in more than 500,000 euros, to which will be added the proceeds from the two auctions. In case of resale of the NFTs on the secondary market, the Team will charge a 7.5% commission. Part of the profits generated by the operation will be donated to the Fondaction l’Équipe, which supports projects of general interest related to sports.

The Ballon d’Or also raided the social platform Discord, drawing more than 2,000 people to this new-generation forum in one week. “This network reaches a very young and very committed community of football fans and new applications related to Web3» emphasizes Émilie Montané. “We are going to work and learn with this new audience.»

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