discover the 29 startups selected by Business France

The Web Summit trade show is back in Lisbon (Portugal), from November 1 to 4, 2021. After a digital edition last year, the most important European tech event keeps its raison d’être: bringing companies and investors to meet to forge new partnerships and business relationships . 70,000 visitors from more than 70 countries attended the last physical edition in 2019.

Business France formed the tricolor delegation this summer, while a total of 1,200 startups are again expected on site. This year 29 of them are packing their bags at booth 311-318 occupied by French Tech. The public structure, seeking to promote their internationalization, has selected companies active in different fields: sports, augmented reality, health, education, management, cybersecurity, etc.

The list of startups in the delegation:

Honest vision

This Nice startup is developing a video recording solution to measure athletes’ sports performance and enable them to improve it using computer vision.


This Bordeaux-based startup is democratizing access to the potential of data analytics and AI for companies of all sizes, regardless of their sector of activity.

Green Score Capital

This startup from Toulon offers a software package for measuring and accelerating environmental performance in companies.

HD characters

This Avignon-based startup is designing smart road infrastructure, through improved road signs that collect information such as traffic analysis, road weather and pollution.

left side

This Bordeaux-based startup is developing a platform that allows startups and ETIs to meet potential decision-makers in key accounts to sell faster and more effectively in B2B.

Best technology

This Touraine-based startup is developing an augmented reality and artificial intelligence application to create 3D avatars to perform tasks in areas as diverse as education or customer service.


This Strasbourg-based startup provides a platform to empower companies and organizations to ensure students’ skills and training to enhance their employability.


This Parisian startup offers bots, platforms and conversational AI, with expertise in intelligent virtual assistants (voicebot, callbot and chatbot).

joy of time

This Nice startup is developing an API to centralize all events directly related to the user’s areas of interest and location.


This start-up in La Rochelle offers an operational real estate management platform, which includes various business solutions (maintenance, energy, flows, etc.).


This Parisian startup allows websites to adapt their ergonomics to the personality of visitors to improve their conversion rate.


This Thionville startup offers users of its platform direct and geolocated contact for extra and interim assignments.


This Touraine-based start-up offers a solution that allows content creators, whether they are HR training specialists or business experts, to digitize, distribute and quickly follow up their training.


This Bordeaux-based startup is developing a platform that allows companies and their financiers to monitor the impact of the funded project in line with the sustainable development goals.

GR Bim

This Bordeaux-based startup supports construction players in the production of their building information modeling products through a personalized audit that allows them to respond to the challenges specific to each project.

Lify Air

This Orleans-based startup combines a patented optical sensor with AI algorithms to provide information on how to prevent pollen allergies.


This Nice startup is developing a tutoring solution from CP to 3rd grade that unlocks kids’ applications when they’ve revised their lessons.


This Angers startup offers a 3D modeling service combined with a hosting platform and a web viewer.


This Gapençaise startup offers a network fault detection service, as well as an assessment of the criticality and vulnerability of each connected device.


This Bordeaux-based startup develops an online consent management platform, through tools offered in SaaS with a high degree of confidentiality.


This Pau-based startup develops automated video analytics solutions for the sports and industry 4.0 markets, using AI and robotic cameras.

Bobee spot

This Marseille startup publishes a mobile application to share and discover travel places around the world.


This Ussello startup publishes a video conferencing platform.


This Orleans-based startup develops technical design software based on AI.

flash sport

This Bordeaux-based startup offers personalized training programs for runners.


This Strasbourg startup publishes an application to quit smoking, through games and personal challenges.

Bag result

This Parisian startup frees managers from their reports thanks to performance management applications.

Sensoria analysis

This Valbon-based start-up is developing a solution that allows doctors to detect the risks of cardiovascular accidents in their patients in a timely manner.


This Bordeaux-based startup publishes a SaaS platform that instantly and automatically creates custom documents – commercial, technical or HR – thanks to an intelligent assembly of text blocks and images adapted to the needs of the user and his or her target audience.

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