where will we be in 2022?

Sexism is rooted in the playground. In total, 29% of girls aged 7 to 10 say they have experienced it. And this difference in treatment follows them more vividly up to the upper class. The French school, the place of all learning, is not a good learner when it comes to gender equality. Consent questions, sexual violence or gender identity have been erased from the landscape.

On August 30, the Supreme Equality Council asked the government to put in place “an emergency plan for equality in schools”. Could it be a zero for the “big cause” of Macron’s five-year term? decryption.

Neutral measures

A century ago, Jules Ferry created the secular, free and compulsory school. Girls can’t access it until ten years after their male counterpart. As a bonus they come across reductive teachings that smell of patriarchy. They are then destined to become”best housewives. in their hands, good behavior guides proudly proclaim the myth of the “house fairy”helpful and docile.

Today, this stigmatizing image seems very distant. However, inequalities persist, in a more vicious form. This is what Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, president of the High Council for Equality, recently denounced. According to her, the school is equal “the first place of crystallization of sexism”.

Hailed as one of the big causes of Macron’s five-year tenure, equality in school has simply been put on the table. But no concrete progress has been made in school yet. In an interview to the media, Brut, the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye stated: “the school is unfair to the poor”. For him, the “educational diversity must become a priority”. Gender equality has not received much attention.

In this start of the 2022 school year, the only “notable” change is the “Equality between girls and boys” label. It will enable colleges and secondary schools to promoting an integrated approach to equality in the management of the establishment, the educational action during all apprenticeships, the training of the staff and the creation of dynamism on the scale of the area”.

Of the specific operations have also emerged. Especially on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Emmanuel Macron has a Awareness week against gender-based and sexual violence from the youngest age.

Significant gaps that prevent girls and boys from being on the same level

But these creations remain deeply inadequate in the face of the shortcomings weighing on the back of the school. From many shortcomings are to be noted. Sex education, essential for educating mentalities, for example, will continue to exist taboo.

However, a law of 2001 requires schools, colleges and secondary schools to provide at least three annual sex education sessions. Here too, France puts on the cap of the dunce. A study published in February 2022 by the #NousToutes collective found that students do not received only 13% of the education given before.

In the absence of knowledge, young people turn to media not representative of reality. This is the case of the pornography. For 53% of young people, this consumption is justified by the desire to learn. However, this reference model regularly sided with male dominance. Result: women undergo this misogynistic and belittling lookfrom adolescence.

This is not the only topic that is a glue for state actors. Inequality also translates into career choices. It is not for nothing that textbooks themselves marginalize women. Less than 10% of the texts presented are written by women. Worse yet, only represent women in powerbarely more than 1% of the illustrations studied. Rosalind Franklin who participated in the discovery of the structure of DNA or Emmeline Pankhurst who contributed to women’s suffrage… so many emblematic female figures who have been expelled from history.

This absence has a direct influence on women’s aspirations. It is enough to push the doors of a technical school to make the observation clear. alone 28% of women are registered in technical training and this figure has stagnated since 2013. Science subjects, dominated by men, deliberately put women on the sidelines. Yet they are far from incompetent. In 2020, 98.5% of girls in S sector obtained their baccalaureate degree, compared to 97.3% of boys, according to INSEE.

Sexism in school, not ready to be expelled

30 hours. This is the time students spend at school. This strict environment, which is supposed to teach all the knowledge of life, therefore has to play an important role. But equality in school is only at the design stage. And the government will have to revise its copy quickly to change the situation.

This “gender” education, still ubiquitous, is a real scourge to society. And they discriminates from a young age. The proof: sexism takes up all the space in the playgrounds. According to a CSA survey for Milan Presse 29% of young girls aged 7-10 believe they have been victimized. The number goes up to 36% for 11-15 year olds. Nearly three quarters of them feel obligated to “concern with their appearance”. Tomorrow’s generation is still built on outdated standards.

The directions of the Supreme Equality Council to wipe this plague off the map

To push the boundaries and put equality at the top of the table, the High Council for Equality recommends several strong recommendations. Among them: the drawing up a national career guidance plan, strengthening the fight against bullying, cyberbullying and online violence. But also and above all it is urgently necessary to holding compulsory classes on sexuality by attracting more associations.

For now, the government is working on the difficult problem of the energy crisis, while other important issues remain unresolved. But not everything is black. If the state is unable to rewrite a more glorious page about the current school, modern books will take care of it. School libraries are slowly filling up with inclusive books. In addition, Pom d’Api, the emblematic kindergarten magazine, has recently had a makeover to give toddlers more diversity in their hands.

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