Verkor unites a “school of drums”

As the battery will play a decisive, pivotal role in the future of the car, this industry will undergo a “scaling up” that, according to the France 2030 plan of the government, will require the training of nearly 40,000 people per year by the end. . of the decade. This is a challenge for all companies involved in this field of batteries, from the smallest to the largest, and in particular for the Grenoble company Verkor, its Innovation Center in Isère and its future gigafactory in the north. A company that has decided to take the bull by the horns and set up a “drum school”. Gilles Moreau is co-founder and director of innovation at Verkor.

Gilles Moreau, Vercok has just announced the birth of a drum school. What exactly is there to do?

Above all, the drum school is a project. It’s not a physical school, it’s not a building we’re going to build, it’s a group of training organizations and companies that want to train people who will be working in the battery. This is a topic that will become more and more urgent, with more and more need for jobs and therefore talent in different areas around the drums.

Are there different professions around the drums? What are they ?

There are design professions where it is necessary to know the inner workings of a battery. It’s more jobs around chemistry, electrochemistry, electricity. There are mechanical transactions. And after that there are all the crafts around manufacturing like maintenance, equipment management, anything you can think of in a factory.

And these jobs, are they jobs that don’t exist? Or is there currently insufficient training compared to future needs?

We have the two scenarios. There are occupations, which I talked about earlier, such as maintenance in factories. These are trades out there. On the other hand, they are not necessarily suitable today for the factories that will be there tomorrow for the batteries. So there we go into so-called “color” formations, adding modules that explain how a battery works and the context in which they will work. After that, there are professions that do not exist or are not sufficiently provided today. And there we will try to create new sectors, new contexts in which students or people can train in retraining.

Is it about training, for example, the future staff of your large factory in the North?

In fact, in the battery school project, we will be really interested in the design. And these are jobs that we will need, many of us Verkor, here in Grenoble. The same goes for our partners. We are supported by other companies working in the world of batteries, I am thinking WattAlps, I am thinking Phoenix Mobility or Lancey Energy Storage, also local companies that will have to develop and be hired. So yes, we are thinking of the Noord factory, but in the Noord factory there will be other forms of training, undoubtedly more aimed at operators, production technicians. While here in Grenoble we will have more people going into design, prototyping, R&D

I am interested in these training courses, where can I register? Where should I go?

Today it will be mainly among the partners. So the best thing is to go and see the Afpa, the Pôle Formation Isère, INP-Grenoble or even the IMT… We’re going to try to irrigate all of that. We’re probably going to start this year, train a hundred people, eventually in “prototype”, so we’re going to make the first modules and then test them with young people. From next year, over the 2023-2024 school year, several hundred, more than 1,500 people will be trained in five years.

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