Can this new token challenge Bitcoin (BTC) dominance or bring significant profits? here’s how

Extreme highs and lows have always characterized the cryptocurrency market. It has been a crazy journey for traders and investors, especially those who live mainly on profit.

Many people have died in the most recent crash, especially those who invested in LUNA. Many people’s bank accounts have been reduced from millions to cents.

Consumers are generally afraid to invest in cryptocurrencies because of the volatility of the market. While some have been killed in the incident, there is positive news for others.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Buy the dip”? Since the market is bearish, many people are taking advantage of the situation by buying the dip. You may be a newbie who is interested in cryptocurrencies but not sure where to start or which coin to buy.

Do not worry; this article is here to help. Bitcoin (BTC) and Big Eyes (BIG) are the two best cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

Bitcoin (BTC) – The future of crypto?

Bitcoin (BTC) is already considered the future money, bitcoin price predictions, with millions of users worldwide in 2022.

According to a chart, there are currently about 83 million wallet addresses, with some estimates implying that there are 400,000 bitcoin users and 53 million resellers every day.

Millions of people already own Bitcoin and it gained popularity faster than the Internet in 1998.

These projections show that the world is getting closer to absolute adoption of Bitcoin as a store of value or trading asset.

Importantly, El Salvador approved Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, and the country’s president continues to buy the commodity at every opportunity.

The country also has BTC in its treasury, making it the first and only country to do so. El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, has since made no secret of his purchases, and the country has held 1,800 bitcoins as of early 2022.

Therefore, the fact that many of these people are using it and an entire country has accepted it as a legal matter shows that Bitcoin is here to stay and can be a good investment.

Big Eyes (BIG) The new cryptocurrency in town

Big Eyes (BIG) is a new cryptocurrency with a plan full of non-fungible token (NFT) features and a charity program that aims to raise millions of dollars by the end of its roadmap.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a cat-based network founded by NASA parents in Washington, DC. Big Eyes (BIG) traveled to Japan where he immersed himself in the fascinating culture and ate a lot of sushi! It taught him the value of seas, fishes and creatures.

Big Eyes (BIG) believes its charitable initiative NFT can help protect the seas. In addition, NFT pixels symbolize more than just a unique work of art. Big Eyes (BIG) organizes virtual and physical events for all producers and artists on the platform.

The ecosystem also benefits from digital and physical products, helping to increase the value of Big Eyes while also making money to improve the world’s water bodies.

Big Eyes recognizes that decentralized finance (DeFi) doesn’t have to be complicated. It has simplified the DeFi process for consumers by integrating Big Eyes Swap functionality and back-end technologies.

Big Eyes is now underway, with a whopping $1 million raised in just a few days. The presale is part of the ‘squat’ phase of the roadmap, which culminates in the meticulous parade phase.

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