Three of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market: Felixphere, Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, you can’t go wrong with Felixphere (FELIX), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Whether you’re a crypto pro or a novice newbie, these coins are on the rise and give you great value for money.

Become a friend with FELIX

Felixphere is the new kid on the block and they want to make valuable friends. FELIX is defined by its modern approach to gaming with a virtual gaming system to win. Those in the community can challenge others and earn FELIX Tokens by becoming victorious.

Do you remember those fun and crazy games you used to play as a kid? Well, Felixphere is bringing back legendary arenas like Rock/Paper/Scissors, Roll The Dice, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Dots and Boxes.

But you don’t always have to put your pride on the line.

The Felixphere ecosystem also includes a daily lottery where anyone can win a large amount of money without doing anything spectacular.

One of the lotteries, ‘Lucky Number 7’, allows users to win 90% of a prize pool, while the remaining 10% is transferred as cashback to wallet holders.

Likewise, another lottery, ‘The Lucky Lotto’, starts daily at 4pm BST. Once a member of the FELIX community has created a wallet and funds it with tokens, they can purchase a ticket. Then they have to select five numbers from 0 to 9 and hope for a few matches. The more numbers match, the bigger the prize.

Breakthrough with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency and for good reason. BTC provides convenient and reliable mobile payments, allowing users to seamlessly transfer funds to and from their bank accounts. Just download the bitcoin wallet app and everything else is very easy.

The Bitcoin price is currently near $20,000 which makes it incredibly lucrative. It is no coincidence that some of the most famous in the world have invested in this cryptocurrency to further increase their wealth.

Serena Williams, Bill Gates and Floyd Mayweather Jr are examples of celebrities who have jumped on the bitcoin hype bandwagon.

Due to its reputation, BTC offers a new way for companies to increase their customer base. Companies that accept Bitcoin as payment will attract people who are passionate about the cryptocurrency space.

Excel and develop with Ethereum

Ethereum is the embodiment of a valuable commodity. Aside from cryptocurrency, it is a type of technology used in a range of construction applications, organizations, and assets.

In fact, it is so convenient that the crypto gods had no choice but to create a currency known as Ether. Ether is what individuals on the Ethereum network use to pay for a range of activities.

The price of ETH is currently $1565.2; unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Ether is on the rise.

This is because Ether is more than just an alternative payment method. It’s programmable, meaning investors can add tangible value to their lives instead of hoping and praying for a potential “lottery ticket” that will change their bank account.

Final Thoughts

Felixphere, Bitcoin, and Ethereum all deserve their place in the cryptocurrency market. However, each of them has its own specific selling point.

FELIX is perfect for the nerdy gamer looking to monetize his love of online competition.

BTC is ideal for high travelers or aspiring high travelers looking for a quick way to increase their wealth.

Finally, ETH exceeds monetary value. Any ETH coin can be used in many ways, especially when it comes to applications and software.

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