Pronote, NetEcole, EcoleDirecte… Help! how does my child’s school platform work?

Pronote, NetEcole, EcoleDirecte… Help! how does my child’s school platform work?Published on : 05-09-2022

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It’s back to school! Gone are the days when it was enough to write everything down in diaries and notebooks, with ink blots in hand. Nowadays, there are also numerous digital platforms to bring teachers and parents into contact with each other… Not always easy to find your way around and take them in hand. We explain everything to you. (Unsplash)

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Notes, absences, delays, life of the establishment… From their home or apartment, parents can now follow their child’s school life through dedicated platforms.

Their names ? Pronote, EcoleDirecte, NetEcole or even oZe. A trend that has increased with distance learning since the health crisis.

Will we start our tour of the 4 main platforms?

1. Pronote

Pronote is a space for parents to:

– Get informed : you will find a textbook, the list of absences, delays, your child’s schedule, a calendar, his transcript, reports, possible sanctions, as well as information related to students in school life and on the news of the institution.– To communicate : Pronote also facilitates communication with families. The platform has built-in messaging that allows you to write and send attachments, create message groups, and more.

Good to know: from the platform you can: Print the year schedule : From School Life > Timetable, click the PDF button, choose the School Year option and print the generated PDF. – Download the school certificate : From Personal Information > Documents to download, click the PDF School Certificate.

🎙️ Word from the parents

To make it easier, I’ve turned on notifications on my phone, which let me know when a word is up for example, deposited in my daughter’s notebook. The only downside is that I’m more concerned about the results than its big brothers because I can get notifications during the day, instead of discovering everything at night, like before.

Amélie, mother of Alice, 10 years old

📹 Pronote Tutorials

To help you find your way, Pronote offers a long list of clear and practical tutorials on its site. For example, you will learn how to connect to Pronote, how to consult the connection file or how to see the work to be performed.

> To access all tutorials, click here. And for Pronote Primary it’s here

2. NetEcole

NetEcole is used by more than 1700 schools and is aimed at first grade students. Parents will find various modules there, such as:

The digital connection book: For all parent-teacher (and principal) needs exchange of personal information related to the student (absence, request for an appointment, personal problem, …), or practical information related to the class (meetings, trips, administrative document, etc.). – A textbook : to help students organize and structure their time, to facilitate parental supervision of tasks by publishing the work (lessons, research to be carried out, etc.) to be carried out during the week . – A bulletin board: it makes it possible to quickly communicate general information about the whole school to the entire educational community: school council elections, fun fair, infectious diseases,… – A multimedia album: a room with the class notebook, a discovery album, a plastic art album, multimedia carriers for the students,… Very practical as it offers the possibility to insert documents, but also sounds and videos. – editorial resources : more than 2000 grains (multimedia activities, videos, audio, animation, simulations, manipulation tools, educational sheets, editable documents online, annotable video…), accessible independently or in the form of customizable routes…

🎙️ Word from the parents

The homework room is very convenient for me. My son doesn’t write very well in his journal, so I’m sure it’s all there. I like that there are posts too. In the evening I am often speedy, but if I think of a question at home that I would have liked to ask the master, I can write it. I try not to overdo it, the poor can be overrun…

Sarah, mother of Victor, 8 years old

📹 NetEcole Tutorials

Find the list of all NetEcole modules by clicking here.

In the “Online Site Guide” tab you will find: video tutorials and in pdf format to explain how to use them, as here with the Cahier de Texte.

To download the NetEcole PDF statement and get an overview of how the platform worksClick here.

3. SchoolDirect

Very complete, the platform Direct schoolwas created to facilitate communication between teachers, parents and students. We find there:

– All information to facilitate the follow-up of your child : textbooks, MCQs, notes, timetables, averages, but also courses and follow-up of internship applications – A video conferencing service to enable teachers to communicate with their students – Ecole Directe gives the possibility to create workgroups from students – To follow the life of the establishment : agenda, surveys and forms… – To send documents, obtain authorizations for departure or absence from classetc. – Parents can talk to teachers here. of their children – Finally, it is possible to pay costs related to your child’s educationsafe.

🎙️ Word from the parents

I like the workspace, where there are videos to illustrate lessons. It’s interactive and Capucine is happy (well, sometimes) to show me what she’s seen in class. It is a moment of learning but also of sharing. And for me it makes the homework session easier!

Pierrick, father of Capucine, 12 years old

📹 EcoleDirect Tutorials

To enable users to take over this platform, EcoleDirecte offers a playlist of videos on YouTube. You will learn how to connect there for the first time, create and join a video conference, change your personal information…

Otherwise, the college Notre Dame la Ferté-Macé has created its own tutorial. Handy to have a global view of the software!

Good to know: you can access it from your mobile by downloading the EcoleDirecte app from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

4. oZe

oIt covers education from kindergarten to higher education and offers the same features as its competitors (school life, school life, etc.), all intuitive, with the ability to customize the homepage and organize your dashboard.

📹 oZe Tutorials

On its site, oZe offers a help area for parents and students, with a series of practical sheets to consult (to discover the dashboard, change your password, etc.)

Note that the André Malraux college in Asnières-Sur-Seine has produced a series of clear and educational videos to guide parents. Check it out by clicking here.

To keep in mind

These platforms have different pros and cons…

They enable parents to stay informed notes, to access homework (even if your child is sick), to know the latest news from the established order (scholarships, lice epidemics, etc.)… In short, they are very practical and allow access to the training…provided you know how to use them…

🤔 On the other hand, they can also increase the digital divide and inequalities between parents (some, far from digital life, do not have access to it). They can too increase the pressure on some children, with an over-connection of the parents (so to be used afterwards and in moderation). Finally, students in difficulty can also be demotivated BTW, some software emphasizes its positioning relative to the rest of the class.

So two points before we start:

1. Dialogue above all. We use these platforms to get information and support our child in his progress. Depending on his grades, we can of course congratulate him, and if the results are not good, we discuss it with him, preferring dialogue to pressure (which can make him lose his resources), for example by encouraging him to work more or its operation methods change.

2. We continue to make notes on the diary. Keep checking that your child is writing homework correctly in the diary. Because if these platforms offer an online textbook, your child should keep writing their homework in their diary. Not only does this give him power, but it also prevents him from doing his job, in the event of a problem accessing the server.

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