Primary schools Borgo and Lucciana call for extra teacher

The start of the school year in Corsica had gone well so far. No class closures were planned. But two schools, in Borgo and Lucciana, consider themselves overcrowded. And hope that another teacher will be sent to them soon.

At 10 o’clock, in front of Dominique Antoniotti’s school, in Borgo, everything returned to normal. The students are in progress, the entrance to the establishment is free and only a makeshift banner reminds of the morning’s mobilization. You can read there: “no more room in the classroom, we’ll stay in the courtyard! I zitelli n sò micca sardine!”

However, just over an hour earlier, at 8:45 am, many parents of students had gathered in front of the school entrance, no less than the largest school group in the department, with 380 school children. And some of the parents present said they were willing to block access to the classrooms to show their displeasure.

Behind them, on the front door, were the class numbers. 25, 27, even 29 in CE2 and 30 in CM2… For Andréa it is way too much. “There are 27 in my son’s class. That is much more than last year. How would you like to teach under these circumstances? “

Last year, one position was canceled due to a decline in the workforce. But due to the enrollments that have been registered since then, before the start of the 2022 school year, we should be back to the situation we used to be, which requires that “back to normal”. Understand, another teacher…

I sitelli in sò micca sardine!

The nervousness is palpable, because 8.45 am, the start of the school year, is approaching. But soon the tone will calm down. “It was more of a mood swing than an actual action, Fabien Mineo, department secretary of the SNUipp – FSU of Haute-Corse, also explains on site. And then the intervention of the mayor helped calm things down, made it possible to recall the problems.”.

Indeed, Anne-Marie Natali quickly left the nearby town hall to go on site and returned the students to the classroom with her usual energy, asking the parents of the students to wait until this afternoon, and holding the CTSD at 3 p.m. , the special departmental technical committee.

A traditional meeting, after each start of the school year, that brings union members and the administration together for final adjustments to the school map.

“It is a good thing that everything went smoothly. It is a good signal to the management of the departmental services of the national education of Haute-Corse”says Fabien Mineo. “It would have been a shame if it had been seen as leverage before the government made its decision. It was just a warning.”

Borgo is not the only school in this case. The problem also arises in the neighboring school of Lucciana, which has the same problems with overcrowding, “even worse”said a teacher, who prefers to remain discreet, as everyone we have tried to reach in these establishments.

The problem is that the Rectorate has announced that the start of the school year will be with constant resources, and no vacancy has been closed, which means that no vacancy can be opened. But Fabien Mineo confirms it, there are solutions. “We have to dig into the wheel of the fifty brigades, which are intended to provide replacement, to secure these two posts in Lucciana and Borgo… This allows us to place a teacher for each student, and 48 or 50 brigades, that won’t change much.”

This afternoon we will know which option will be retained by the administration during the CTSD this afternoon.

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