Music school Bellême opens its doors on September 7, 2022

School concerts will start again soon! (©Le Perche)

Since 2011, theUnimusic music school welcomes beginners or experienced students for lessons.

Initially only with Belleme (Orne), it is now also in Theil-sur-Huisne. Open doors are also organized on September 7, 2022 from 2 pm to 6 pm in Bellême and on September 10 from 2 pm to 6 pm in Le Theil, 23 rue de la Croix.

The back to schoolmeanwhile, will be September 12, 2022.

New premises

“We are going to get new premises in Theil, the old private school has been restored by the municipality, before we were on loan from the community of municipalities in various places, in the media library and in rooms of the CDC”, shouts Rudy Force, Headmaster.

On the second floor of the veranda in Bellême, the Unimusic association rents four rooms from the municipality. A fifth is shared with Art en Liberté.

Of 160 students on the two sites, the professors who number eight with the presence of a new singing teachergive individual lessons from guitar, low, ukulele, saxophonevocals, drums, accordion, violin… and collective workshops by Brazilian percussion, batucada, Jam sessionvocals, electro mao, tutti sax, musical awakening and discovery.

The rap section is coming

“We would like to open a rap section, because it is not offered in the surrounding schools and we have contacts in this area,” adds the director. Especially last year a course was given and the young people really liked it.

Videos: currently on Actu

“The piano and guitar lessons are successful, we have many requests, because they are basic, versatile instruments that accompany everything and they are more represented in society”, indicates Antoine Goffette, guitar and bass teacher.

Come and discover the courses offered by Unimusic.
Come and discover the courses offered by Unimusic. (©Le Perche)

For the european heritage dayson September 17 and 18, 2022, the school will play on Saturdays on the promenades and on Sundays at 9, 9 rue Ville Close. Other events will take place throughout the year, at Christmas or at the Fête de la Musique.

There will also be internal events such as repair cafés, karaoke and one-day workshops. Two to three times a year concerts are organized on the roof of the veranda, on Thursdays during the market.

“We mainly have children and teenagers who come to learn and train, from the age of three children can come and taste musical awakening,” continues Antoine Goffette. “We have more and more adults.”

Since last year, the teachers have been offering a more signposted route for the children.

An educational project

“We used to be more focused on the individual and we want to revive this new educational project,” recalls Alexandre Céalis, president of the association.

Indeed, Unimusic’s goal is to: propose a course and that the youngest come to make awakeningand then switch to discovery workshop to discover styles, try different instruments and start with a little music theory.

They then choose an instrument and then three courses are offered: beginner, individual and collective.

The beginners course is intended for students who are in their first year, these are lessons of 30 minutes for two.

The individual offers 30 minute classes with eight group sessions during the year. Finally, it is collective group lessons with some individual improvement lessons.

Occasional workshops

The first year was decisive for the teachers and they continue to present this project to the students.

Also new, ” The laboratory “ : “These are one-off workshops open to everyone to test new approaches. We will offer eight one-hour sessions throughout the year to discover things,” Rudy Force develops. “It’s a more original proposal and changes a bit.”

Ideal for people who don’t have time to capture every week.

“We are increasingly asked for events such as the School Carnival in Bellême and we have partnerships,” adds Alexandre Céalis. “We are starting to make ourselves known and shine a little bit. Besides conveying music to the students, we want to create a musical pole in the territory”.

Ideas, the association has enough, it only costs people, but also time and money to realize them.

The association used the crowdfunding to buy one new sound at school.

“We asked for 5,000 euros and we almost achieved it thanks to small donations and subsidies and helping hands from associations and the department,” concludes Rudy Force. Successful bet!

Unimusic is therefore waiting for you for the open house on September 7 in Bellême and on September 10 in Theil-sur-Huisne with the inauguration of the new building.

All information is available at Contact details: [email protected] or 02 14 21 11 57 Classes are from Monday to Saturday.

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