Cegedim e-business completes Hospitalis offer with the acquisition of Sedia

It now includes new traceability features for medical devices and implantable medical devices

Boulogne Billancourt, de September 6 2022 – Major player in digitization and process automation BtoB in Europe, Cegedim e-business introduce with hospitalizeda range of services for the entire hospital network by enabling the digitization of commercial and logistical exchanges in public institutionss and privates with their suppliers. The recent acquisition of Sedia – specialized in traceability software for use in medical structures since 1985 completes this offer. Thanks to her, hospitalized now includes a traceability service for ddevices mand Medical devices Iimplantable (DM/DMI).

Medical software editor originally created for cardiac surgery, Sedia specializes in traceability. Today, all medical devices (MD) are supported in its solutions. It is able to interpret all supplier barcodes by collecting information such as the manufacturer, reference, batch and/or serial number and expiration date of the MD sought.
In total, it has nearly 900,000 scans per year and over 8 million EHRs evicted.

A new stone in the Hospitalis offer, the Sedia solution offers three levels of traceability: health, financial and logistics of medical devices/medical devices on deposit, on loan or direct purchase.

Logistical traceability (inputsmovements Among branches, PUI, UF, Services) of the DM/DMI

  • Recovery of UDI (Unique Device Identifier) ​​for receipt at the PUI (Indoor Use Pharmacy).
  • Registration by reading the unique identifier of the device (IUD ID and IP) and information related to EMDs by reading, identifying and automatically capturing data directly from the medium (tag or rfid) provided by the manufacturer/distributor affixed to the DMI.
  • Real-time recording of DM/DMI movements (stock input/output).
  • Prepare the DM/DMI order and send the order in EDI to the supplier.

Health traceability

  • Data collection during the intervention: recording the implant placement and generation of the patient’s implant map based on the information collected and the information attached to the implantable medical device by the manufacturer, at the time of receipt at the pharmacy .
  • Send to the computerized patient record of the establishment of the installation information (practitioner, DMI placed, installation error, date, etc.).
  • Validation of interventions and generation of reports (fichcomp, …).

Financial traceability

  • Ability to trace the costs of EHRs as a result of intervention (intra GHS or outside GHS).
  • Data consolidation for a group, members.
  • Data access (requester) and reporting tool with Excel export.

Today we are very proud to welcome Sedia, a player whose technology is reliable and proven. Its solution perfectly complements our Hospitalis offer. The founder, Pierre Bainiand his team join us to build the future of the solution together » emphasizes Christophe Couvreur, Activity Director of Hospitalis.

Next appointments to discover the wholeOhoffers hospitalized :

  • CSH meetings – from 13 to 16 September 2022
  • Europharmat – from 4 to 6 October 2022 in La Rochelle
About Hospitalis:

Hospitalis, launched in 2002, is an exchange platform offered by Cegedim e-business, which allows healthcare institutions to electronically manage supply flows and invoices with their suppliers. Hospitalis, which is used by 1,650 public and private health institutions and 200 pharmaceutical laboratories in France, complies with the new European Directive 2011/62/EU and allows the control and deactivation of the unique identifiers of each box of medicines to prevent falsification of medicines. to fight.

For more information: www.sybycegedim.com/fr/bpm/cycle-contract-to-pay/purchase-to-pay/hospitalis

About Cegedim e-business:

Cegedim e-business is one of the leaders in the digitization and automation of BtoB processes in Europe, with more than 900 million processed flows per year and 2,000,000 affiliated companies worldwide. With its SY by Cegedim range of services, it supports companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity in their digital transformation by relying on a range of unique e-procurement, e-invoicing, e-archiving and e-signing.

Cegedim e-business, a member of the European networks PEPPOL and EESPA, operates a multi-channel electronic exchange platform that processes all types of documents, from contract to payment, streamlining the customer-supplier relationship, as well as significant administrative benefits. efficiency, cash flow and traceability.

For more information: www.sybycegedim.com

And follow Cegedim e-business on Twitter: @SybyCegedim, LinkedIn and YouTube

About Cegedim:

Founded in 1969, Cegedim is an innovative technology and services group specializing in the management of digital flows in the healthcare and BtoB ecosystem, as well as business software design for healthcare and insurance professionals. Cegedim has more than 5,600 employees in more than 10 countries and achieved a turnover of 525 million euros in 2021.
Cegedim SA is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (EURONEXT: CGM).

For more information: www.cegedim.fr

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