Best Crypto Exchange Platforms in Dubai: Cyswap

Many prominent companies have been founded by the UAE for their commitment to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. The Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority was established by the government to provide licenses for virtual assets. Well-known cryptocurrency exchanges are now moving their headquarters to Dubai to get a license from VARA.

The Dubai real estate industry accepts Bitcoin, CyCOIN and other cryptocurrency transactions as long as corrected regulations are followed. CyCOIN is the safest cryptocurrency in the world, created on September 14-15 in Dubai. It will be launched by its CEO Gabriel Nicolaev. This piece will become the first choice for foreigners looking to invest in real estate in the region.

Investors now have the opportunity to buy villas, townhouses and apartments in Dubai while supporting the transaction process in a safe, fast and efficient manner. The Dubai-based company says the ability to buy crypto in real estate will bring convenience and choice to foreign investors around the world. This move to crypto-owning customers aims to accelerate the transition to the new economy for young people and the future of the industry. The real estate market will undergo a transformation, which will also benefit international investors.

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DUBAI aims to establish itself as a center of cryptocurrencies. Other virtual assets are also being pushed using digital currency friendly policies. Check out some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges for real estate in Dubai below.

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On the same day that announced it would open a regional headquarters in Dubai, cryptocurrency exchange Bybit announced that its headquarters would be moving there from Singapore. The developments come at a time when new legislation is being implemented in Dubai, aiming to make the emirate a global hub for crypto assets and related areas such as the metaverse.

According to a statement from the company, Bybit has been granted preliminary permission to operate a series of virtual asset companies in Dubai. The new headquarters should be operational in April.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, said: “We look forward to contributing to virtual asset innovations in the emirate’s booming economy and with our global headquarters in Dubai. An opportunity for Bybit to support the UAE and the region’s ambition to become a global virtual asset technology hub is basically represented by this endorsement.


CySwap will be a public entity that will operate as a marketplace for exchanging crypto trading protocols. It is safe, fast and easy for anyone looking to diversify their corporate portfolios and will bring liquidity to the network to help support CyCOIN.

According to, the company aims to have a “large footprint” in Dubai. The company, which started operations in Hong Kong but later moved its headquarters there, also announced that it would be launching a major recruiting campaign soon. In the same time frame, the spot and forward transactions on received in 2016 totaled more than $5 billion.

The company plans to have a “strong footprint” in Dubai, according to The company, which was originally based in Hong Kong but later moved its headquarters there, also announced that it would be launching a major recruiting campaign soon. Over the same period, more than $5 billion in cash and forward transactions were made on the website, launched in 2016.


The efforts of the UAE to establish itself as a leading cryptocurrency hub has endowed many cryptocurrency platforms and real estate investors to opt for this new digital exchange. The government of Dubai has already licensed several cryptocurrency organizations, including Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance received its license in mid-March and will operate its regional operations from Dubai.

You can deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat money at Binance. Binance accepts credit and debit cards, as well as P2P payments and cash sales. However, if a user does not have a cryptocurrency that is compatible with Binance, they must use cash sales. Users can withdraw Binance-enabled cryptocurrencies in external wallets. Fiat funds can also be held on the Binance platform.


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