Amadeus ready to resume business trips

In this new school year 2022, that theIFTM Top Resa will sound definitively on September 20, Amadeus balance between prudence and optimism in a still recovering business travel market. “We have learned to be cautious in the past two years, but overall there is an acceleration of the recovery in the second quarter” confided Bertrand Poey at a press conference organized before the show in Paris on September 5. The general manager of Amadeus France describes a level of activity that has returned to three quarters of what it was in 2019, both for distribution and IT. French business travelers are back on the plane, forcing the European market to catch up. “We have returned to occupancy rates in the aviation sector that are roughly comparable to the global average, while France and Europe lagged behind in 2020 and 2021to minus 25%”, notes Bertrand Poey. A trend to put into perspective, however, with the latter recalling that airline capacity has been largely revised downwards and will not approach pre-pandemic levels until late 2023.

Ultimately, then, according to Amadeus officials, the lessons of recent months are quite positive, at least compared to what many observers had announced. ” The good news is that while many people thought business travel was over, there is a restart, a stronger recovery than most scenarios envision,” emphasizes Bertrand Poey. “Many companies have returned to the field, especially SMEs”.

business travel has been enriched by MICE, as with the speed of telecommuting it has been a matter of reconnecting, and commuting, with employees who have moved to the provinces

Bertrand Poey Managing Director of Amadeus for France

However, the Amadeus general manager for France notes that business travel has changed face and that market players need to come to terms with it and above all adapt to it. “What is certain is that business travel is not quite the same anymore, and large companies have lowered their sails. Since the end of the first quarter of 2022, business travel has been enriched by the MICEbecause at the speed of telecommuting it was over recreate the linkand to change gear, with employees who have moved to the provinces. So there are still encouraging prospects, which was not the case at all when we talked about business travel in 2020. There are things to do, even if it means adapting”.

So adapt, but also invest again, even if Amadeus did not stop his work during the pandemic. “In 2021, still under pressure, we spent 780 million euros, while in 2019 we were close to a billion”, testifies Denis Lacroix, president of Amadeus SAS. “In the second quarter of 2022, our R&D costs increased by 30%. So we are almost back to pre-crisis levels, which is proof of our confidence in the future. There are, of course, elements that are beyond our control. But fundamentally in the long run, we have a lot of confidence in it”.

Amadeus’ technological ambitions can also count on a leading partner, Microsoft, with which the relationship visibly maintains a fruitful relationship. Evoking a real “alignment of the planets”, testifies Denis Lacroix: “We got on well, and the more we work with them, the more we discover what we can do together.”. Joint projects that business travelers have benefited from for several months with the integration of Cytric Easy and Microsoft 365, making it possible to connect the employee’s daily environment (Outlook, Teams) to Cytric’s travel tools. “This is a first concrete announcement, but there are many initiatives underway with Microsoft,” warn Amadeus officials. Features that business travelers can discover during the IFTM Top Resa event, September 20-23.

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