What is the LunaOne Coin (XLN) Token, NFTs, Metaverse and Web 3.0?

LunaOne is called the Metaverse-based LuneOne project. It is a platform that aims to expand into multiple universes beyond games. It is the first decentralized virtual society to redefine decentralization through revenue, games and learning in a cohesive Web 3.0 environment. Read on to learn more about the LunaOne project.

What is LunaOne (XLN)?

LunaOne, a Web 3.0 platform, allows users to participate in virtual and real-world activities simultaneously. The internet is an incredible resource for connecting people around the world, whether it’s to make money, learn something new, or just have fun.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the LunaOne metaverse, the XLN token is the main fuel for all transactions in the system. This new coin will be working on Binance Smart Chain soon, but XLN is now available on the LunaOne website.

There are three main elements of Luna One Metaverse that you should know:

  • Integration of all vital activities in one place.
  • Interaction between worlds for real services, activities and knowledge.
  • Decentralized decision-making.

How does LunaOne (XLN) work?

The project has created the only online space that brings together virtual game worlds, educational platforms and recognized global suppliers/brands in one convenient place. The platform’s specialized technology makes augmented reality even more multidimensional, connecting meta-infrastructure with real-world industries such as finance, entertainment, education, and more. LunaOne is the closest thing to “ready player 1” in the crypto sphere so far, offering unlimited NFT value and tangible avatar progression benefits. The project’s branded virtual reality kit (HYPE.vR) allows participants to see/hear everything that happens in the virtual space.

The project’s AR/VR device offers a deep dive into the Metaverse, allowing players to enjoy full interaction with a hyper-realistic 3D world. Wearing tactile and tracking suits/gloves, participants can sense, touch and feel the environment on their skin while following the movements of another avatar’s face and body. LunaOne lets you witness the formation and development of the metaverse through unique NFT avatars that create a symbiosis between the virtual and physical world.

Players can use their avatars to participate in P2E battles, buy and develop real estate, invite friends and discover new missions and tasks with rewards. Metaverse followers can experience life in an unlimited 3D open world, where they can purchase virtual items, pilot ships and create custom environments. They can also perform real tasks and receive virtual goods that have real value in the physical world.

Accessibility on LunaOne

LunaOne differs from other VR/AR lineups in that it will be available on a wide variety of critical gaming/VR/AR platforms and technologies. The LunaOne ecosystem is also accessible to those who play on popular platforms. In addition, the founders of the project are working on the integration of LunaOne and smartphones. Game platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network have millions of visitors every month from all over the world. The team’s ambition is clear in this context: to enter an industry through existing conventional channels.

decentralized lifestyle

LunaOne neighborhoods offer virtual land for sale to the public. The team relies on the fact that NFTs are unique by definition to introduce some degree of customization to the metaverse. In addition to traveling and receiving visitors, special events can be organized by private individuals purchasing real estate. Concerts and seminars can be followed via LunaOne without the intervention of a third party.

DeFi File Storage System (DFS)

To further decentralize the network, the group is proposing to use a decentralized file storage system (DFS). Each token holder has the administrative right to influence the future development of the platform through an internal voting system. LunaOne’s decentralization focuses on voice, text and data services. LunaOne believes that people in the metaverse should be able to communicate with each other. There is a desire to develop an online and offline communication plan.

A hyper-realistic virtual world with AR/VR compatibility

LunaOne creates a hyper-realistic unlimited 3D virtual universe where everyone can shop, socialize, work, play, attend exhibitions, concerts and other events and experience life in an endless world. Users must create a unique avatar, an NFT that allows them to securely access and interact with all Metaverse features. One can use his avatar to solve, play P2E games, travel from place to place and solve real world problems to earn rewards. Players can dive deeper into avatars and virtual reality with the HYPE.vR kit.

The AR/VR bundle includes tactile and tracking suits and gloves that allow users to feel the environment on their skin and track other players’ facial and body movements. The unlimited 3D virtual universe allows users to perform activities that reflect reality. Essentially, a person can buy/sell real estate and own all kinds of virtual goods that have value in the physical world. Real estate and all other metaverse items are unique NFTs that can be sold or transferred to other avatars. Owners can find new missions and events with rewards, invite friends and customize/build their own permanent environments.

XLN Token

The XLN coin is the native token powering the LunaOne metaverse. Avatars need XLN to influence VR development and governance. DAO proposals can be submitted by the community and the foundation. XLN is the main currency used in the LunaOne Metaverse ecosystem. XLN is also a high yield asset, allowing the holders to automatically generate income in their wallets. The XLN cryptocurrency has a total of 10,000,000,000 XLN tokens

  • High Interest – Every time XLN is shipped, a transaction fee of 2% is charged. These fees are distributed to all current listing holders, creating an invaluable source of passive income.
  • Political power – Holding XLN gives its users voting rights based on the value they have – the more they have, the more power they have to make decisions about how the currency will be used and how LunaOne will grow.
  • VIP Access – Possession of certain XLN referral amounts gives holders access to VIP areas, features and benefits.
  • Gateway to LunaOne – XLN is required for all transactions within the LunaOne Metaverse. Users need to buy XLN to buy the best apartments, ships and other NFTs for as long as they are available.

Where do you buy an XLN token?

XLN cryptocurrency can be purchased on the Luna One website. First you need to create an account and pass the KYC verification. To complete the transaction, you need to connect a crypto wallet to which the purchased token will be transferred. The project offered the token at a discount to investors who bought it before launch. The team has announced that the cryptocurrency will be launched on Exchange Bitmart, but has not announced the listing date.


There are several components that make up the Luna One experience. Metaverse avatars are “the primary tool for creating a symbiosis between the virtual and the real,” the company explains. Each avatar is an NFT and can participate in the decentralized organization. Users are encouraged to develop their avatars through a rating system. LunaOne will have “sub-tables” as well as the main ranking of the top 1% avatars.

Like Decentraland and The Sandbox, this new metaverse will be divided into neighborhoods and consist of real estate. Users can purchase these NFT properties, which allow avatars to access new missions, change their appearance, and invite friends. The value of any real estate NFT is determined by four factors: size, location, customization and “internal capabilities”. Other things LunaOne plans to include are decentralized file storage for all metadata and a streaming platform where users can earn by watching.

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