the startup Winechain raises 6 million euros from big names in wine

After initially raising more than 1 million euros in 3 weeks last April from winegrowers around the world, the start-up’s fundraising gained momentum this summer.

Winewhain, the first independent NFT platform for major wine brands, is a marketplace designed to adapt to the purchasing practices of new generations of consumers on a global scale. Launched in April 2022 by three experts in the field – Xavier Garambois, former boss of Amazon Europe – Guillaume Jourdan, CEO of VitaBella in Paris and Nicolas Mendiharat, CEO of Palate Club in San Francisco – the initiative could see the light of day around the latter quarter of 2022 with the release of the first wiNeFT (the official name of an NFT on Winechain).

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A fundraiser that reflects a growing market

As part of this fundraiser, the Rouzaud family (Champagne Roederer, Château Pichon-Comtesse) and the Reybier family (Château Cos d’Estournel) now join Winechain alongside the Moueix (Videlot) and Perrin (Château de Beaucastel/Miraval).

Frédéric Rouzaud, CEO of Louis Roederer champagnes, said in a press release released today: “This investment reflects our desire to never stop innovating and to encourage innovation. In the vineyard, in the cellar and in all layers of our activity, our house is in constant motion, listening to the times and constantly evolving use. Winechain is a way for us to continue on this path and go even further in proximity and dialogue with wine lovers”. Michel Reybier, owner of Château Cos d’Estournel, points out that “If the spirit of wine passes through respect for nature, we must not forget the new technologies that help us in particular to promote it better to future generations. Working on the dynamics of blockchain and wineFT today is a way for us to write our future while drawing inspiration from the past. Winechain’s digital tools will certainly play a major role in our ambition to enhance the international dimension of our wines.”

In order to accelerate its technological developments, the startup Winechain has welcomed the international fund FABRIC Ventures in addition to all these big names in wine. Marx Mersch, one of the fund’s partners, seems to be betting a lot on a booming sector: “wine chain brings immutable Web3 traceability, transparency and accessibility to the wine world, aiming to open it up to a whole new generation of wine lovers. The wine enthusiast market is growing at a pace that is rapidly outpacing supply: estates are constantly looking for ways to connect directly with their end users, unlike those currently offered by multiple logistics intermediaries. By directly creating NFTs for each case of wine, estates have seamless access to their customers, can store wines in perfect condition, while eventually switching hands and collecting royalties from the entire market. Bringing together all the necessary experience from top-level viticulture to global logistics at Amazon and CMA-CGM, the Winechain team has already started attracting the biggest names in the wine world to its platform before launch. “.

An announcement that, like the collaboration between Dom Pérignon champagnes and the sulphurous pop star Lady Gaga in October 2021, will cause a stir.

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