The price of this crypto could be multiplied by 53 by 2023, according to predictions

Tamadoge is currently being talked about a lot, at first glance you would think it is another project in the crypto world, but on closer inspection we are indeed with a serious project with a very good roadmap.

The Tamadoge, which launched last July, is indeed something more than just a curve. Admittedly, it takes on the characteristics of the same angle with its name and logo, but the Tamadoge team has goals in mind and plans to achieve them. The project’s original token, the TAMA, is currently available for presale. The An astronomical $11 million was invested by many investors in just a few weeks. An achievement that bolsters the position of this cryptocurrency and suggests that it will be one of the most promising by 2023. But what exactly are we talking about?

Crypto Meme Comparison: Which Tokens Will Tamadoge Rival?

To better understand the size of the Tamadoge, we must consider the other cryto-currencies of the same type with which it competes directly or indirectly. Two names stand out on this list, these are the famous Dogecoin (DOGE) and its all-time rival, the Shiba Inu (SHIB).

What is certain is that Tamadoge still has a long way to go in terms of market capitalization compared to these two tenors. On the stock market, the Dogecoin is worth no less than 11.5 billion dollars against 8.5 billion for the Shiba Inu. But given the speed at which investments are pouring into the Tama, it is very likely that its financial value will reach one billion by 2023. Frankly, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

To fully understand what we are saying, it is necessary to take into account the way in which the pre-sales of the Tamadoge is carried out, as well as the results obtained. This happens in several phases, nine to be exact. It was at the end of the sixth phase that the crypto was able to fetch a whopping $10.75 million. If these dynamics continue, the TAMA could soon compete with the SHIB or the DOGE.

To all this must be added that the value of the symbolic stock increases in value. Remember that there are a total of 2 billion tokens and only 300 million are available out of the billion allocated for presale. In addition, if at the beginning of the presale 1 USDT was equal to 100 TAMA, currently 1 USDT only allows to acquire 40 tokens from TAMA. 1 USDT is expected to equal 30 TAMA in the final presale stage. The price of TAMA increases as tokens are purchased.

4 reasons why the price of Tamadoge could explode in the coming days

It is quite normal to have doubts when it comes to investing in a new cryptocurrency. This is even more understandable when you know that some of them often turn out to be bluffs. However, the TAMA token seems to offer some certainty about the impending price hike. Here are 4 reasons that support us in this position:

  • A very attractive Play-to-Earn concept
  • Back to the 90’s with the Tamagotchis
  • Internal metaverse
  • Low number of coins in circulation and burning system

A very attractive Play-to-Earn concept

What seems very interesting to the community that is being formed around Tamadoge is the game principle. As we said at the beginning of this article, it is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) in which players are called upon to raise their pet.

It’s clearly a dog. The Virtual Pet’s skills must be upgraded through Tamashop purchases. When your animal is sufficiently trained, you have the opportunity to face it from others and thus win TAMA tokens. It’s a pretty simple concept, but one that clearly appeals to a lot of people!

Back to the 90’s with the Tamagotchis

There is also the nostalgic side. In this regard, it should be noted that the Tamadoge is reminiscent of the Tamagochis of the 90s. This factor is also one of the reasons why the investment community has grown very quickly.

As a reminder, the tamagotchi was a kind of very small console equipped with a program. It was a virtual pet that the owner of the console had to raise. So to speak, many investors have found in Tamadoge the same sensations and pleasure that this historic gadget offers.

Internal metaverse

What should normally grab attention and make it clear that Tamadoge should be taken seriously is the built-in metaverse project. Indeed, the game is expected to have its own virtual space to allow the community to better exploit it in what will go by the name Tamaverse.

But this will not be the only advantage. It has been announced as a feature that it will also be possible to transfer pets from one metaverse to another. This suggests greater applicability and several other interesting features.

Low number of coins in circulation and burning system

The value of TAMA’s stock also seems certain as far as we are dealing with a deflationary cryptocurrency. To maintain the rising momentum of the price, tokens are sometimes burned. What remains in stock, therefore, increases in value. So the more the demand increases, the more the stocks decrease, therefore the price of the token increases over time at the same time.

The evolution of presale prices is dynamic

Very soon will be the end of the various phases of presale of tokens. The price evolution as observed so far is rather a good omen. In fact, it is very likely that it will end earlier than expected.

In other words, if you are considering investing in this cryptocurrency, now seems like a good time to do so. At this rate, the Tamadoge will complete its presale in a few weeks. To this must be added the rarity of the token, which will only increase!

How to buy TAMA: Buy Tamadoge now in 4 easy steps

If you’ve finally decided to invest, here’s how you can do it. You just need to follow these few steps to achieve it:

Step 1: Pair the wallet

The first step is to go to the Tamadoge sales platform and then link your electronic wallet to it. You have to create an account there and then you have to choose your wallet from the list of those offered by the platform. Then click on “Connect your wallet”.

Step 2: Select a payment method

Once your wallet is linked, you will need to define the payment method you want to use to buy the TAMA tokens. Basically, there are three solutions available to you. You can do it with:

  • USDTs
  • From ETH
  • Or with fiat currency by linking a credit card.

Step 3.1: Buy Tamadoge with ETH or USDT

It is recommended to have a minimum of USD 30 in your crypto account, whether you decide to buy it with Ethereum or USDT. Depending on the value of the token, you will have to determine how many tokens you can have with the amount you are going to invest. Then click on “Convert”. The amount invested will be converted into TAMA tokens.

Step 3.2: Buy Tamadoge with fiat currency

Conversely, if you take the fiat currency option to buy TAMA tokens, you will be prompted to use Transak. It is indeed an online payment system that allows you to convert fiat currency to cryto.

So to proceed, all you need to do is click on “Buy ETH with a card”. Follow the different steps until the end and the purchase will go smoothly.

Step 4: Get Your TAMA Tokens

At this stage, you still have to wait to actually hold your TAMA tokens. It should be clear that you have to wait for the presale to end. Only then can you claim your tokens through the Tamadoge interface.


In terms of cryptocurrencies, the pre-sale remains the best period to make the choice to invest. It is generally during these times that the prices are most affordable. However, we remind you that investing in cryptos is not without risk to your capital. If the price can rise, it is also possible that it will stagnate or crash. That is why it is important to know how to analyze the market in order to make the best possible decisions.

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