The new eco – Too Good to Go makes children aware of the fight against waste at school

According to a 2016 study, 10 million food products were thrown away in France, or 30 kilograms per person per year at home, including 7 kilograms of unconsumed food waste still packaged. A loss of sixteen billion euros. But behavior is changing and even more so since inflation. But the fight against waste must be learned from an early age. For this reason, Too Good To Go has just created a completely free package for primary school students. Six schools are already using it in Côte-d’Or. How does it look ? Interview with Luisa Ravoyard, press officer for Too Good To Go.

The Kit “My Anti-Waste School”
too good to go

In 2016, 10 million tons of food was thrown away in France. Is that still the case today?

We always base ourselves on the large study by Ademe that gave us this figure in 2016. On the other hand, what we can see, even if we can’t really measure it, is that consumers are generally aware of their behavior. We talk a lot more about anti-waste than before. In six years, we have saved 41 million baskets in France thanks to 32,000 partner sellers and 12 million French people who have already downloaded the app.

To change behavior, you just launched a kit for schools to teach kids the right gestures. What does this package look like?

It is a program aimed both theoretically and practically at primary school students and gives them the right reflexes as early as possible. In concrete terms, it comes in the form of a kit, which establishes the link between class time, canteen time and extracurricular time. It consists of tools that are “ready-made”, such as lesson sheets or board games, or even animation proposals that can be easily set up in schools. And it is a program that is completely free and available online on the site so that it is as accessible as possible.

Is it a pedagogy that is planned in one go or is it spread over the school year?

The teacher package consists of nine sessions of approximately one hour, with a final evaluation. It’s something that lasts between nine and ten hours and most teachers who have tested the kit have spread it out over one session per week, say ten weeks.

How many schools are already using it in the Côte d’Or and what feedback do you have from those who have tested it?

In Côte d’Or, we have six schools (in Dijon, Ruffey-lès-Beaune, Thorey-sur-Ouche, Montbard, etc.) that have already downloaded the tools and the feedback is quite unanimous, both on the fact that It’s a topic, food waste, which interests children, which challenges them and is closely linked to their daily lives. We also received feedback on our tools telling us that they are very easy to use and fun. And that’s important!

So if we can post a note, would it be 20 out of 20?

I hope !

Is this kit just for schools or can it be used at home for parents who want to teach their kids not to waste?

In fact, according to what we’ve had, it’s the kids who, once they’re warned at school, will come and raise their parents. So it is more than the other way around. But there are actually tools from the kit that can be applied at home. For example, I am thinking of board games. We’ve created a sort of “no-waste” family game of seven, as well as an updated no-waste bingo that can be printed by parents and used at home.

The Too Good To Go app
The Too Good To Go app
too good to go

Has inflation boosted the use of the Too Good To Go app in Côte-d’Or?

With more than 60,000 users in Côte d’Or and 315 partner companies, Too Good To Go has been able to store more than 360,000 baskets in the department since its launch. The products offered on the application are offered at a third of their initial value, which allows a saving of 66%. “Since March, we have seen an increase in the number of application downloads, about 30% more compared to the same period last year.” remarks Luisa Ravogaard. A link is therefore effectively made with the inflation rate of 7.7% in August for food products.

“We really want our users to continue to enjoy good products at low prices while doing something for the planet.” summarize the representative of Too Good To Go.

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