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Manaouda Malachie and his teams have centralized all certification exams, the goal is to have well trained staff to take care of the population.

The desirability of the press conference regarding the decree of the head of state on the establishment and operation of the General Hospital of Garoua, the minister wanted to clarify the opinion on the issue of training. This is done in Cameroon by the state and duly accredited private institutions. Jean Jacques ZE is the one who wanted clarification on this sensitive segment. When asking his question, he referred to rumors about the sound of boots from students of these institutions. In response to this concern from an important capital, the health minister will say that this is a misunderstanding. < School officials did not get the message across properly. With regard to passing certification exams and the conditions surrounding it. The other thing that needs to be said is that this decision is not one-sided for the ministry, but it was the school management conference that met last year that stopped it.>> This measure is due to the fact that the products coming out of the training schools caused problems in the field and discredited the profession. It became necessary to remedy this.

Image of the latest medical and health education entrance exams

Some infamous flaws observed

Manadoua Malachie returned to the case of a trained anesthetist with a ventilator who put a patient to sleep for three days. Hospitals are confronted with these kinds of complaints on a daily basis. It seems clear that this is a basic training problem for the staff involved.< A tour of the training schools shows they race for performance but in reality they have confused sectors, we don’t do business for health business.>> The boss of health will say.

Image of the latest medical and health education entrance exam

The need for certification exam centralization.

In bad faith, many training schools hand out the 19.75 to their students for no reason. Once on the certification exam, they cannot have a 05/20. The State’s new method makes it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff and expose the fraudsters.

The sequences are now done by region. The same test will be served to everyone at the same time so that those waiting for “The Water” can no longer get it. In addition to the series, a passing exam is required, which counts for 30%. The sum of the two (series and passing exams) should give the candidate a mark of 12/20 necessary for his exit, synonymous with success. Now you have to work hard to get out of school. This coordination of training makes it possible to have well-trained personnel in the field.


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