In the middle of the crypto winter, Unicrypt turns DeFi back on

DeFi Tales of Unicrypt – While markets and temperatures are in free fall, some Web3 companies are continuing their serene and thriving development. This is the case ofunicrypt. A true DeFi gateway, this French platform has indeed become an essential asset for approaching decentralized financing. A secret weapon at the service of private individuals such as entrepreneurs and Web3 developers. Since our last presentation, many developments have occurred. It’s time for the update.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Unicrypt.

Unicrypt: A Decentralized Web3 Platform

Unicrypt is a platform developed by more than 14,000 crypto companies. It enables them to take advantage of efficient and relevant automated tools to develop their projects and their communities with complete peace of mind. So despite this bear market (long bearish period for the markets), the public continues to flock there to browse the gold nuggets that could be the crypto giants of tomorrow.

Indeed, since its launch in June 2022, Unicrypt has been able to seduce 1.2 million users. Like many investors who have been able take advantage of DeFi projects that are as promising as they are disruptive in preview. Aggregator of decentralized financial services for some, development capabilities for others, the web app is already deployed on many blockchain networks: Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Avalanche and DogeChain.

You can see unicrypt as a real DeFi dashboard. An interface that allows privileged and fully customizable access to the largest decentralized exchanges. Let’s talk about Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap or even DeFi Llama here. To this end, the visual charter of the site was recently completely reworked. A profound evolution that offers a clarified vision, to an immersive and optimal investment experience.

DeFi Unicrypt Platform homepage

Unicrypt’s DeFi services

Unicrypt is benefiting from its positive growth and continues to: develop the reach automated tools Challenge who made his success with Web3 startups. It will be possible for the latter to benefit from decentralized financing for their project, but also to provide passive returns to their community in a secure and automated space.

Also, as the project asserts and consolidates itself, her community is rewarded. The list of functions available on the application is therefore growing and is accompanied by several developments:

  • Liquidity lockers : security tool that allows the different protocols to block liquidities. A way to guarantee the good faith of projects with investors.
  • Automation of Fortress : it is a tool that allows DeFi projects to distribute their cryptocurrencies automatically and immediately. Investors therefore receive their tokens without the need for human action. Unicrypt thus facilitates transparent fortress campaigns.
  • The ENMT, or Munting token : automatic generation of ERC 20 token Useful for a single spend. This operation is managed through a special interface. It allows the implementation of a “smart contract” without programming skills. After the attributes of the token are entered, the minting takes place automatically.
  • Unicrypt Launchpad : Decentralized, this launch pad allows entrepreneurs to fund their project by organizing fundraisers for Unicrypt users.
  • Farm as a service: a tool that helps build an agricultural vault to increase money for projects.
  • To turn off as a service: generates strike contracts so that users of the protocol can enjoy passive income by supporting the projects.

UniCrypt: A Crisis-Free DeFi Ecosystem

The two native cryptocurrencies ofunicryptl’UNCX and theUNCLare the lungs of its ecosystem.

UNCX: The Governance of Unicrypt

UNCX is Unicrypt’s ruling cryptocurrency. A power in the hands of the holders, and the exercise of which continues to evolve. For example, if you are using a Snapshot system, users can make suggestions. By the end of 2022, the platform will also provide the option for certain launchpad projects to reserve their sales for UNCX holders only. An approach that will strengthen the community and the power of this token.

Among the stake pools, those related to the native token UNCX offer returns in USDC as in UNCL
Table of Yields from Different UNCX Betting Pools

UNCX also makes it possible to use certain features of the platform and take advantage of the various DeFi services available, as a user or even as an entrepreneur. UNCX can thus be deployed on the Unicrypt protocol to get passive income in USDC or in UNCL.

The only centralized exchange platform (CEX) to offer this token is On the decentralized stock exchange side (DEX), you can invest there on Pancakeswap or Uniswap.

UNCL: a utilitarian cryptocurrency

lUNCL is a utility cryptocurrency. It also allows you to use the features of the platform. Like UNCX, it allows to create an account on unicrypt. However, the main quality of this cryptocurrency is mainly to give energy and increase yield in agriculture and restocking through a fire mechanism.

For the sake of clarity and to maintain the permanence of the protocol, the changes announced were also intended to end certain abuses. A process that proves that the team knows how to make the necessary decisions, in the interest of all users. For example, the UNCL supply burn will no longer open access to launchpad tickets. A maneuver that until now allowed preview access to the native tokens of the projects present in the launch pad program.

We’re not done with you yetunicrypt. Progress towards a renewed and disruptive DeFi is still in its early stages. Indeed, the team plans to continue developing its services to satisfy investors and become THE reference in decentralized development for tomorrow’s crypto projects. New features have already been announced for 2023. So don’t wait to familiarize yourself with the protocol, and for more information, don’t hesitate to join the Unicrypt community at Twitter or Telegram. The gold nuggets are waiting for you, you just have to look.

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