Gérard Miller and school in crisis invite themselves to the trial of the teachers

A pastry joke in the eyes of one of the authors. ” A violent act for the prosecutor. The Montargis Criminal Court convicted two teachers on Monday for an unusual reason. In the midst of the legislative campaign, Olivier and Christophe Jean-Michel Blanquer… drizzled with whipped cream. A way of protesting against the actions of the former education minister – absent from the hearing – who fined them 300 euros each. The two friends have already announced that they will appeal.

But the political process itself will above all have been an opportunity to testify to the turmoil that is sweeping through the national education system. Even before the hearing started, some teacher supporters and a handful of union activists had gathered outside the court. The slogans on their placards, well beyond the cause of the “chantillyonneur” teachers, resonated with the news of the new school year: “ Underpaid teachers, untrained indentured servants ” Where ” Blanquer reforms = breaking a public service “.

“A Pastry Attack”

At about 1:30 p.m., the two defendants took the stand in a packed room. prosecuted for acts of ” violence in meetings that does not lead to incapacity for work was the first time they appeared in court. Jean-Michel Blanquer, absent, was not represented by a lawyer. The president of the court began by recalling the facts.

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On June 4, while Jean-Michel Blanquer was dragging for the parliamentary elections in Montargis, where he had been dropped, Christophe and Olivier approached the ex-tenant of rue de Grenelle before spraying him with water. call out: Education in Disorder, Jean-Michel Blanqueroute “. to believe ” being attacked the former rector had lodged a complaint with the two lecturers. “ The debate, the confrontation of ideas are always riches. Physical or symbolic violence has no place in our democracy “, Elisabeth Borne had supported on Twitter. Jean-Michel Blanquer also believed in his statement that he had been insulted, which the two involved deny and who ultimately failed to maintain justice.

For the two professors, on the other hand, their act had nothing violent. ” I consider this a confectioner’s attack, but not violencerolled out Olivier, who teaches fine arts at the Priority Education Network (REP). I think it hurt his self-esteem, but teachers, parents, children in pain, it’s even more violent than sprinkling whipped cream on Jean-Michel Blanquer. » « We have managed to recycle our anger and indignation into whipped cream “He joined him Christophe, his colleague in art history, round glasses on his nose, elegant in his gray jacket.

Gerard Miller at the helm

Two witnesses were called to defend them. And one of them could give just a little more echo to an already widely publicized trial. Gérard Miller appeared in court and described his multiple occupations: “ Emeritus professor at the university », « psychoanalyst », « director », « columnist at LCI “.” I choose to talk to you as a psychoanalyst he specified, confirming that ” for more than two centuries that whipped cream has existed, there are no pathologies associated with the projection of whipped cream “. Before unleashing a diatribe on the ” dubiousness », a pathological form of « delusion of the claim “and D'” excessive legal intervention that would touch on certain topics. When specifying, when asked about Jean-Michel Blanquer: I don’t diagnose. »

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More soberly, Dominique Cau-Bareille, lecturer at the Institute of Labor Studies of the University of Lyon 2, began by describing the suffering of teachers and the elements that ” making it possible to understand how this gesture can arise at a given moment Exhaustion in the face of incessant succession reforms, recurrent attacks and violence, the Samuel Paty affair, the Covid crisis…: the picture that the academic painted, moved, said something about a public service that was gradually becoming a reality. And of a profession, that of the “black hussars”, ” for lack of recognition Olivier looked at her and looked haggard, his eyes staring into space. He took off his coat, it was hot in the Montargis courthouse.

Thousand euro fine required

But this context was not enough to arouse the prosecutor’s leniency. ” There is an explanation for every act of violence. But is it criminally legitimate? Nohe launched, right, during his claim. Political ideas do not justify a gratuitous act of violence. » « It wasn’t schoolboy humor, it was violent humiliation. he summarized, before requesting a fine of 1,000 euros and a citizenship course for these 51- and 57-year-old civil servants.

What interests? [Jean-Michel Blanquer]it’s just to let them rot replied Maitre Fabienne Griolet, lawyer for the two teachers who assures that the former Minister of National Education would have told them he wanted them. fired from the National Education “.” I have no one here to talk to me about the suffering of Jean-Michel Blanquerchained their lawyer. Just half an hour after the fact, he was tweeting. “Blanquer absent and without a lawyer we will know no more about his version of the facts and the possible damage suffered.

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Maître Benoit David, another lawyer for the teachers, tried to show that there were no acts of violence in the legal sense for him, because ” there is no physical shock or emotional shock “. All this while highlighting the difference with ” bowls “, which assumes” send a solid object which is not the case with whipped cream. Tweets, whipped cream and culinary considerations: that could be the refrain of politics in the 2.0 era.

After the last words of the two teachers, with Olivier coating Jean-Michel Blanquer, the court withdrew. Before convicting the two teachers and sentenced them to a fine of 300 euros each, far from the prosecutor’s claims. A conviction that will not be entered in the criminal records of the two professors, who indicate that they are both also the target of disciplinary proceedings in the National Education, the outcome of which they do not know for the time being. Believe they should have been relaxed », Olivier and Christophe have decided to appeal. The courts of justice are not done with pastry (and educational) debates.

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