Cryptocurrency News – Week of September 4, 2022

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04 Sep 2022 – 09:02

Here is a new edition of the news feed of the site for the week of August 27 to September 2, 2022. A weekly publication that gives you an overview of the key highlights of the cryptocurrency and blockchain universe from the past 7 days.

This with 5 essential items with which you keep abreast of important innovations and developments in the field. But also to stay informed about interesting investments and the best possible opportunities within this ecosystem.

And at the end of this selection, a full technical analysis of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies symbolic of the news of the week.

A good way to keep an eye on the cryptosphere while enjoying the weekend.

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Ethereum – The Anti-Crypto Policy of One of Its Cloud Hosts Raises Questions

the death of the Ethereum blockchain to its version, Proof of Stake isn’t done arousing passions yet. And the US Treasury Department’s recent censorship campaign against the Tornado Cash mixer does not help in this case. Especially when you add a hint of anti-crypto policies associated with the second largest cloud provider in this network. A new ingredient that is beneficial to hitchhiking again the primordial question of its future effective decentralization

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The Korean city of Busan partners with Binance and FTX

Busan Binance FTX

The great port city South Korea has long had the ambition to become a crypto/blockchain hub, in particular in view of the creation of a stock market which it would manage itself. This project could have found its second wind, Busan recently signed MoUs with two industry giants, Binance and FTX.

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Marvel And Veve Release A Collection Of Black Panther And Spider-Man NFTs

Marvel Spider-Man NFT VeVe Black Panther

The enthusiasm around non-fungible tokens (NFT) drastically reduced this summer. This is apparent from the transaction volume curve. But when the market tumbles, Marvel decides to partner with Veve Digital for the second time with the aim of launching a new collection of NFTs. These will represent Spider Man and Black Panther.

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Celsius – Towards a refund for its customers under certain conditions

Celsius - Towards a partial refund from its customers under certain conditions

the affair of bankruptcy of the company Celsius has become a symbol of the current situation in the cryptocurrency market. Both because of the excessive exposure to the Terra project and the stablecoin UST. But also because this centralized structure still holds the funds – but especially the private keys – of its customers, including recordings have been suspended since last June. However, as part of the ongoing proceedings, some of them could soon get their assets back… under certain very strict conditions.

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Unbelievable – has refunded $10.5 million to a customer instead of the expected $100

Unbelievable - would have refunded $10.5 million to a customer instead of the expected $100

Sometimes a simple refund request can take a more than unexpected turn. And an initially rather unpleasant affair turns into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the lucky beneficiaries of other people’s neglect… or not. Kind of modern fairytale, cryptocurrency version, which just touched two Australian sisters. The last one discovered a few months ago a deposit of AUD$10.5 million made by the CryptoCom platform. Except that the initial amount had to be… $100 AUD!

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Bitcoin Analysis – Imminent Threat Below $20,000?

Bitcoin Analysis Imminent Threat Below $20,000

Awaiting the release of US employment data this afternoon, Bitcoin Nearly Erased Its Tech Resurgence Since Mid-June. Now it’s not far from its lows for the year. So much so that we project ourselves onto a resumption of the bear market since his last ATH in November 2021.

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