COM’SG is open to notaries and business developers

The Circle of Office Managers and General Secretaries and General Managers continues its transformation by opening up to notaries and Business Developers, as the association celebrates its seventeenth anniversary in October.

Founded in 2006 by Angela Trivisonno, former Secretary General of the firm Latournerie Wolfrom Avocats and Blandine Canque, Office Manager of the firm Cotty Vivant Marchisio & Lauzeral, COM’SG brings from the outset the Office Managers, Secretaries General and General Managers of the law together law firms. These professionals have an increasingly strategic place within their structure.

“There was a real need from these professions to share good practices. COM’SG offers its members mutual aid, legitimacy and experience to respond to their day-to-day problems » explains Angela Trivisonno, President of COM’SG.

Today, very close to the ordinal authorities, the Circle brings together professionals from more than 150 law firms in France (Paris and regions), or about 10,000 lawyers. It goes a step further by hosting notarial offices and business developers.

COM’SG ( organizes training on day-to-day, operational and regulatory issues related to corporate governance, business development, digital transformation and knowledge management. Likewise, the association has regularly organized meetings to meet the needs of its members in technical topics, as well as recruitment and soft skills.

Finally, it regularly publishes studies on current topics affecting its members, such as “The reality of the digitization of corporate law firms in France in 2022”, together with Day One.

New applications born during the Covid crisis

During the Covid crisis, the association was often called upon in the field of market developments, reorganization of companies and in the field of real estate. Among the questions that repeatedly came up was the desirability or not of hiring a business developer and their real impact within structures of all sizes and origins. During this period, the notaries also contacted the association. They also encounter the same kinds of problems as law firms in the field of organisation, recruitment and business development. Hence the openness of the association to these professions. “These new requirements had to be met in the same way that COM’SG had originally done for law firms. That is why we have decided to open the association to notaries and business developers.” says Mireya Berteau, board member of COM’SG* who will lead this new branch of the association.

“Notaries have just understood that they cannot do everything alone and that they must open up and engage in dialogue with versatile and cross-functional experts. In addition, notaries recruit lawyers, especially in the context of litigation or real estate. These structures have acquired a certain size, both from a human resources and turnover point of view. Management at this scale cannot be invented, hence the importance of contacting COM’SG to find out how and in which recruitment methods to manage the different types of actors, CFOs, Secretaries General and business developers to continue their growth. to put “says Angela Trivisonno.


* Members of the COM’SG Bureau:
• Angela Trivisonno, President and Founder of the COM’SG Association
• Mireya Berteau, member of the COM’SG Bureau, leads Com’SG Business Development
• Idriss Saada, Member, Vice-President and Treasurer Bureau COM’SG, Secretary-General of the Franklin Cabinet
• Thierry Carlier Vice-President COM’SG, Secretary General of DS Avocats
• Karima Ben-Said, Member of the COM’SG Bureau, Administrative Manager of Cabinet Gide, responsible for the KM of Com’SG
• Guillaume Limouzi, Member of the COM’SG Bureau, Deputy Director of the Cabinet Lamy Lexel, Head of IT at Com’SG
• Andrée Figueira Franca, Member of the COM’SG Office, Director of Administration of the Cabinet K&L Gates LLP
• Sonia Mohcini, Member of the COM’SG Bureau, Office Manager of D4 Avocats Associés

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