Business schools: the five stages of the first year

Administrative registration, choice of training, integration weekend… In the business school, the first start of the business school consists of a number of compulsory passages. The student describes the five most important steps.

Whether it is an undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, or post-preparatory Grande Ecole Program (PGE), the first start of business school is an important moment. Be reassured : you will get your points gradually.

1. Administrative registration in your business school

From the admission results you must do your administrative enrollment in the business school you have chosen. For post-baccalaureate courses, everything starts after Parcoursup and for post-prep, after Sigem.

The establishment will contact you and you should confirm your wish to enter the course. You receive the administrative file to be completed, with various documents to be submitted. It must be handed in at the end of July, even if some omissions are tolerated until August.

From this step, you will sometimes have to make choices regarding your training, such as in TBS education. “This is when you need to express a desire for a double degree, the desire to follow the English track or to take the course reserved for athletes, artists and entrepreneurs who need flexible hours,” explains Anne Rivière, director of the PGE, out. post-preparation.

“In front of fellows and students with disabilitiesallows the file to indicate their needs,” she adds.

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2. Upgrades before the start of the school year

After your registration and a well-deserved vacation, the big day of the new school year is approaching. Some courses offer upgrades, just before the start of the school year. Such as at Essca, a post-baccalaureate business school, which provides three days of math training for those who are admitted and have not taken this specialty in the first and last year.

“We support students in their entry into higher education, in the collective that is the school and in their study programme. This back-to-school process begins in late August and actually takes place throughout much of the first semester.slips Franck Gavoile, director of the Grande Ecole program at Essca.

3. The first day on your business school campus

Finally, it’s D-Day, which can take place between late August and mid-September, depending on the business schools. Most of them spread the arrival of the different cohorts of students over several days.

Morning, you are welcomed, with all your comrades, by the speech of the director of the establishment. A visit to the campus may be on the agenda, as well as the discovery of the library, career center and other structures.

Some schools offer a package, with welcome information and goodies, so that you feel part of the collective. Then the program varies! With an idea: put yourself at ease.

4. Group projects to break the ice

The first week, so that you all get to know each other, the establishments offer atypical formulas: environmental awarenesssuch as a Climate Fresco or even group projects with students from partner schools, such as at the ICN.

At ESC Clermont, students start working on a performance they will give at the end of October during a “talent show”, their parents have been invited to! “Theatre, singing, choreography… the possibilities are great. The students take care of the communication of the event and the logistics of the cocktail. They learn group work and project management”, explains Anne Pats, director of bachelor’s programmes.

You will also discover the different student associations – sports, culture, etc. – at a association forum. Very useful to know which ones you will try to integrate in the coming weeks.

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5. The integration weekend before the start of the lessons

Finally, business schools are known for their integration weekend that concludes the first week of school. For one to three days you will meet your classmates through games, concerts, parties… To make this event run as smoothly as possible, more and more establishments are organizing upstream training in the fight against gender-based and sexual violence.

Then, the following week, it’s time for serious business. The Monday after your arrival is often the “real” comeback. It’s the start of classes marketing, management, law, accounting, languages. Little by little you will pick up the pace… and fully become a business student!

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