Back to school: 89,000 students are back to school

Nearly 89,000 students will return to school this year. A staggered return to the area, from east to west. The goal for the academic authorities: it is a return to school for all. A pious wish in a department characterized by an unprecedented demographic explosion.

89,000 students are expected at schoolsFor the 2022-2023 school season, 3,000 more than last year. They are divided into the 1er and 2N/A diploma: 48,000 students (+1,700) in primary education and 41,000 (+1,300) in secondary education. The number of students deprived of education due to the lack of places in institutions and the underdevelopment of the area has not yet been quantified.

2019, 169 schools and 44 public colleges and secondary schools are recorded in Guyana. An inadequate figure due to an unprecedented demographic curve: the birth rate is 26.4 per 1,000 inhabitants, compared to 11.1 in France. The population increased by 30% between 2009 and 2019.

Four high schools and three colleges are definitely under construction in Guyana. In 2025, 5,320 places will be added in secondary education. The municipality of French Guiana is investing 470 million euros. Only, according to forecasts, the reception capacity has already been exceeded.

Waiting, buildings are transformed and prefabs added. Replacing the OPRF site in Matoury, the new Larivot high school will welcome more than 320 new students, or 14 additional rooms have been created in the subprefecture, Saint-Laurent du Maroni.

Philippe Dulbecco, Rector of the Academy of French Guiana


We are trying to increase our reception capacity. We act on site and on staff. There are structures emerging from the ground that will allow us to relieve the pressure. In the meantime, we are busy setting up temporary housing.

Philippe Dulbecco Rector of Guyana

The Rectorate of French Guiana

The Rectorate of French Guiana

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It will take a few weeks before devices can function normally. A return cell was located in the rectorate. It’s about responding immediately issues raised by school leaders.

As with any back to school, you have adjustments between what was planned and what actually happens. Teachers who were expected not to come, teachers who are sick or who have changed their affections. (…). These adjustments may take some time and the unit of study will manage them in real time. The director has direct access to all records of the rectorate.

Philippe Dulbecco, Rector of the Academy of Guyana

At the back-to-school conference last August Minister of Education and Youth Pap Ndiaye presented the broad outline of the start of the school year. One of the stated objectives: a plan for kindergartens, or to advance all students in college.

We are going to work on three levels: a nursery plan so that the students can take ownership of it. Teachers must be trained for this. Other priorities relate to secondary school and there it is national, for example working on the 6th year because it is a pivot class or even starting orientation very early so that the pupils are aware of a perimeter of possible professions and also the evolution of the professional path. Half of the students follow vocational training, it has to be improved. (…) These are national variations that we implement.

Challenges in French Guiana, there are… We have to wait a little longer a couple of weeks to take stock of this school year 2022-2023. An almost normal return.

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