Amiens: new edition of CCI Job & Business Event

Picardie La Gazette: How does the CCI Job Fair and Business Event take place?

Fany Ruin : We wanted this CCI Job & Business Event to be the recruitment and business day of this new school year. In one day, visitors can access not one but two trade fairs with many exhibitors and recruiters, but also a job dating, a business meeting, conferences, demonstrations and workshops… Companies, professionals looking for business opportunities can meet the exhibitors and take part in the many highlights that hold on to the area’s problems.

The CCIJBE is a highlight of the Picardy economic calendar.

What are these problems and highlights?

We thought it relevant to highlight the opportunity presented by the launch of the Canal Seine-Nord Europe. It is indeed time to meet his actors. Construction has begun. So what are the tenders and opportunities for regional companies? How can they participate in this major project? All answers are given on the spot.

Another major challenge is that of the energy transition. A strategic challenge for companies between transformation and business opportunities. Energy is indeed central to the concerns of the new school year. The players in the regional dynamics Rev3 can advise visitors on energy sobriety. EDF, our partner, will also present the current tenders in the nuclear sector of Hauts-de-France between 13:15 and 14:00.

Some companies have difficulty recruiting, what solutions do you offer?

To find skills, CCI Job & Business Event is also there to help. And in particular to publish company vacancies on the platform so that they are distributed on the day of the fair. They will also be able to participate in the various workshops to optimize their recruitment and identify help and support systems.

We also recruited a new club coach at the CCI Amiens-Picardie. It will thus be possible to participate in the back-to-school season and discover the different networks of industry leaders gathered in a dedicated space. The possibility also to exchange in a friendly atmosphere and find the club that suits every manager.

On the Job Event side, what actions are you implementing on this show?

For job seekers, employees looking for a job or a new job, the CCI Job & Business Event offers them the opportunity to put their resume online and start dating. To do this, you must first consult the vacancies and post the CV on the platform

More than 60 recruiting companies, industries, services and governments will be on hand to meet their future employees and introduce their professions. There are also practical workshops to optimize your research. How to choose the right professional photo, write an unsolicited application, manage the first minutes of an interview. And why not make your own box?

From 9:00 am you can participate in the coffee creation to discuss your project and gather information to make it happen. We also wanted to introduce new professions. It is Factory 4.0 that will bring the factory experience of tomorrow to life. And virtual reality helmets will make it possible to discover the very diverse professions.

What are the other moments visitors expect?

There is the famous start-up competition! Six local start-ups have a chance to win the CCI Job & Business Event prize. We will be able to discover them a few days before and on the spot in the Courrier picard during their stand between 10am and 11am. Visitors can then make their choice. We also have a wall of opportunities with companies to take over, tenders, business opportunities, looking for partnerships… The ads are shown in self-service.

What do you expect from this performance?

The CCIJBE has become a highlight of the economic calendar. The ability to network as well, which is very important for a business leader. This is also why I also launched the CCI Elles group this year, to discuss best practices for women leaders with the program of three meetings in the territory and one at the national level.

The fact that I also have a mandate at CCI France allows me to be very reactive to dossiers while keeping my feet on the ground locally to bring the key issues to the fore and respond quickly to solutions.

For example, the bonus of 8,000 euros to recruit a pupil after the health crisis has been beneficial to everyone. At the moment, it is the issue of PGE reimbursement that many entrepreneurs are struggling with in this back-to-school period, complicated by inflation, the rise in the cost of raw materials and energy. We will always be there on a daily basis to support each of our subjects.

The CCIJBE has two fairs with numerous exhibitors and recruiters, a job dating, a business meeting, conferences, demonstrations and workshops.

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