Objective reached for the new technical preparatory military school of Bourges – FOB

Millions of young French people returned to school this Thursday, September 1. The meeting had been organized a week earlier by the new Technical Preparatory Military School (EMPT) in Bourges (Cher). With 150 students being the first to be welcomed, the target for this crèche of technical non-commissioned officers has been achieved.

Initial target achieved

Founded since 1er January Within the Military Schools of Bourges, the EMPT succeeded the Center for Technical Education of the Army (CETAT), opened in 20218. Heir to the traditions of the EMPT of Le Mans, this establishment was created to respond to ” a growing military need for highly qualified non-commissioned officers in the technical field This Thursday underlined his commander, Colonel François Maréchal.

The demand for these tech profiles is all the greater as the Army’s Scorpion transformation gains momentum with deliveries of new Griffon, Jaguar or Serval vehicles. Especially platforms equipped with vetronics on board that did not exist in previous generations. ” De Bourges EMPT will play a key role in this transformation by equipping technical non-commissioned officers with advanced skills and being able to ensure the maintenance of evolving and increasingly complex weapon systems. “.

We want to attract young talents, consolidate them in their technical training, before hardening them militarily into NCOs. » adds Colonel Maréchal. Bet won. ” On August 25, we welcomed 150 students, which corresponds to 100% of our initial recruitment targets. “. A promotion composed of more than 10% girls, a share that is also increasing in the new sectors and contributes to the passage to contradict certain ideas received.

Two new sectors

The model works, proof of this is the 100% success rate this year for the aviation sector, of which 80% cum laude. The year 2022 will therefore be the year of a change in scale for the training offer. Four streams are now offered to young people aged 16 to 20. In addition to the professional baccalaureates in aviation maintenance and road transport maintenance opened in 2018 and 2021, there is a professional course in digital sciences and a course in “sciences and technologies of industry and sustainable development” (STI2D).

Credits: EMPT/army

These two new courses aim to train technical non-commissioned officers in the electronic support of armaments, in telecommunications, but also in everything related to energy production in areas of operations. specifies the commander of the EMPT. Again, bet won. The two new courses represent more than half of the new enrollments. The STI2D class alone has attracted 50 students.

The civil and military worlds come together every day at the EMPT. In addition to the military supervisory staff, the 41 professors of the teaching staff are made available by the Groupement of Public Education Institutions (GRETA) in Berry. At the end of August, three citizens were also seconded by the National Education Service to the school’s management.

A breeding ground for technical non-commissioned officers

The training is as academic and professional as it is military. The two-year study at the EMPT is interspersed with training in a professional environment, at the rate of eight weeks per year. Then they left for a regiment to practice their future profession and ” develop their military culture “. At the same time, future NCOs validate their initial general training in premiere and their basic military training in terminal. Thus, ten weeks are spent on training in the field to acquire ” all the basics of soldiers “.

With their baccalaureate in hand, the students sign a nine-year contract under the statute of volunteer non-commissioned officer. They continue their training with a specialization in Bourges or in a weapons school and a period of four months at the National School of Active Non-Commissioned Officers (ENSOA) in Saint-Maixent (Deux-Sèvres). Three or four years after passing through the doors of the EMPT, these NCOs are assigned to an operational unit.

For the EMPT, this return to school was just a starting point. The school does indeed have vocation to meet “50% of the need for direct technical non-commissioned officers of the military” by 2027-2028. That is about 530 students divided over two promotions of 250 students and 30 others in further training.

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