Analysis: 2030 estimate on benefits for Grandes Ecoles

Tuition fees for Grandes Ecoles over the past 10 years (in euros) – Mister Prépa©

Several trends stand out and it is clear that not all schools should be placed on the same footing. Some schools already go above € 50,000 (the Top 5), where others are still less than €30,000 in tuition fees.

In terms of increase, IMT-BS, Excelia and audencia record the strongest growth, while the Institut Mines – Télécom is at the same time one of the cheapest schools in the table.

To quickly draw a conclusion about the evolution of tuition fees from 2011 to 2022, we can conclude that 5 schools exceeded the €50,000 limit in terms of tuition fees, 8 schools have tuition fees between €40,000 and €50,000, another 8 schools between €30,000 and €40,000, and 3 schools manage to keep their tuition fees below €30,000.

Forecast tuition fees 2030 based on current forecasts

To provide a clear and objective analysis, we provide a table tracking the previously observed growth. without surprise, some schools exceed €70,000 in tuition fees (3 years Grande Ecole program + a gap year) and, with notable exceptions, all schools have a fee exceeding €45,000.

With this data we determine that: the average tuition fee in 2030 is €51,429, a 31% increase from the current average (2022).

Source: Mister Prépa© 2022 2030
HEC Paris €58,100 €79,076
ESSEC €53,780 € 64,536
ESCP BS € 54,370 €68,520
EDHEC BS €51,405 €59,304
emlyon BS €51,200 €66,041
SKEMA BS €46,000 € 63,598
audencia €46,200 €69,454
Grenoble EM €46,580 € 58,202
NEOMA BS €45,600 €56,031
KEDGE BS €40,400 €48,219
TBS €40,450 €50.09
Rennes SB €41,550 €55,244
Montpellier BS €39,800 €47,808
BSB €38,200 €50,484
ICN BS €37,100 €44,410
IMT-BS €24,350 €31,964
EM Strasbourg €26,300 €31,209
Excelia €41,500 €51,315
EM Normandy €35,500 € 45,591
INSEEC GE €36,050 €40,613
SAI Paris €36,850 €46,752
ESC Clermont €30,650 €37,236
SCBS €27,295 €30,131
Brest BS €33,500 €38,546
Mean €40,947 €51,429
Cost per year € 13,316 €16,810

Forecast of tuition fees Grandes Ecoles in 2030 (in euros) – Mister Prépa©

We therefore see that most schools have tuition fees over €40,000where the top 7 rises to an average of €67,218. In the other direction, certain schools should also be emphasized, as Southern Champagne BS, l’EM Strasbourg and Institut Mines – Telecom Business School boast tuition fees of €30,131, €31,209 and €31,964 respectively. While projective, these numbers show that some schools are managing to keep tuition affordable.

At the top of the table, HEC stands out with an estimated average of €79,076 tuition fees, almost €10,000 more than the second most expensive school (audencia).

Emerging Trends in Grandes Ecoles Tuition Fees in 2030

Trends emerge from this table and deserve to be underlined. In reality, not all schools increase their tuition fees in the same way not at the same speed. For example, IMT-BS between 2011 and 2012, school fees doubled (from €7,500 to €15,000), while in other years the school has been relatively constant, not necessarily increasing from one year to the next.

We can therefore distinguish certain tendencies and separate the schools as follows:

  • HEC tuition skyrockets (€79,076) and the Parisian school is far above the other Grandes Ecoles. The increase is 58% compared to the fee for 2022
  • The top 7 (HEC + ESSEC + ESCP BS + EDHEC BS + emlyon BS+ SKEMA BS + audencia) explodes, with average €67,218 tuition fees, ie 44% increase compared to 2022
  • The Top 12 (Top 7 + Grenoble EM + NEOMA BS + KEDGE BS + TBS + Rennes SB) is also increasing and following the rhythm imposed by the leading schools, with average €61,520 and 43% increase since 2022
  • The rest of the schools experience a less marked increase, even though their tuition fees increase on average for €41.338i.e. a price that remains higher than the average for all Grandes Ecoles in 2022. We have seen weaker growth this time, with an increase in tuition fees reaching 34% since 2022.

In the two extremes of the table, we note that HEC, audencia and Excelia are the schools that increase their tuition the most, with an average increase of 55%. On the other hand, theEM Strasbourg, INSEEC GE and SCBS are the schools that would increase their tuition fees the least (“only” 17.5% increase).

An overall increase in Grandes Ecoles tuition fees in response to exceptional situations

With such figures we achieve an average of €15,000 in annual tuition for most schools (18/24), while in 2016 this amount only exceeded €10,000 per year. However, it is important to emphasize that this increase is not only due to the annual inflation that justifies the growth in education, but also toother external factors.

Indeed, the projective analysis of the tuition fees of the Grandes Ecoles in 2030 is based on: the average growth of benefits between 2014 and 2022it is necessary to study the factors that have led to such growth.

First, the health crisis led to a 10.6% increase in tuition fees in 3 years (between 2019 and 2022). Several points should be emphasized, such as the fact that, despite the complicated context in which the students of Grande Ecole found themselves, 22 of the 24 schools have chosen to increase their tuition fees. Only theEM Strasbourg and theSAI Paris managed to lower them between 2019 and 2022.

Other reasons also explain this growth, such as: the need for schools to remain internationally competitive. Indeed, the international reputation of the Grandes Ecoles is: one of the most important criteria for preparatory during their choice of school. Investing in this area is therefore essential to attract the best talent.

In the context of our projective analysis, certain clarifications are needed to justify the expected increase for 2030. Although the growth during the Covid may a priori distort the results obtained for 2030, it is important to remember that our society regularly experiences periods of high inflation (the previous one only dates from 2011-2012, with an 8% increase in one year). The announced results are therefore plausible and objective.

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The solutions that schools offer to mitigate this increase and remain accessible to as many people as possible

Aware of the general increase in their tuition fees, the Grandes Ecoles implement solutions to remain accessible to everyone. The health crisis has particularly contributed to this awareness. Since this period we have seen the appearance of many school systems to mitigate the increase, or even lower their tuition fees.

One of the best-known solutions, and the most cost-effective both from a financial and professional point of view, is: variety. Not only are the tuition fees borne by the employer, but the working students receive a salary and develop real professional skills that enhance their profile in the labor market. In this context, the schools offer different formulas, in particular the possibility of following a work-study program for 2 years (out of 3 in the Grande Ecole programme) to to cut their tuition fees by 2/3.

There is also a lot of help available., either school specific (merit grants, merit grants, etc.) or regional. In the specific context of semesters abroad, which are often very expensive and whose cost is not included in tuition fees, there are many student aid grants.

Finally, we can mention some examples of the measures specific to schools, taken to remain accessible to everyone:

It is necessary to add to these numerous devices the fact that schools are practicing more and more fundraising campaigns with their alumni to help their current students.

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Will the Grandes Ecoles really be accessible to everyone in 2030?

First of all, it is essential to remember that this analysis is projective and does not bind the schools in any way with regard to their tuition fees. Although objective and based on the growth observed since 2011, exceptional situations, such as the health crisis, can arise and change business school tuition up or down.

In all cases, schools continue to develop measures to help their current and potential students, in order to avoid financial discrimination. After all, every school wants to be able to attracting the best talents, regardless of their social background. To make this possible and not be a myth, it is essential to find concrete solutions to: to compensate for the increase in tuition fees, which unfortunately seems inevitable.

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