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Play-to-Earn (P2E) game Tamadoge achieves one of the fastest fundraisers in the crypto world this year.

More than 70% of the total presale has been completed, representing $10 million invested in less than a month.

During the current presale phase (sixth phase of nine in total), which is closing soon, the price of TAMA has been set at USD 1 for 44 TAMA. When the presale reaches a total invested amount of $10.75 million, it will enter the seventh phase. The price of the token then changes to a rate of 1 USDT for 40 TAMA.

USDT is the ticker of the crypto stablecoin Tether, as a reminder, a stablecoin is a crypto whose price remains stable ($1), its value is pegged to the US dollar thanks to reserves of cash and cash equivalents.

Avoid venture capitalists by controlling the pre-sale and in a decentralized way

It took less than a month of pre-sales to raise $10 million. From the perspective of property developers, this is a much more efficient way of raising funds from investors than the traditional venture capital route.

From an investor perspective, it is also a more transparent and open process than venture capital and private equity, which dominate early-stage investment and exclude people with relatively small amounts of money from investing.

Less than 30% of the pre-allocated TAMA tokens are still for sale

Seven hundred million tokens were sold out of a total of one billion available during the presale, with the price increasing for each subsequent token tranche. TAMA’s total supply is 2 billion.

This leaves less than 30% of the presale tokens to buy, with the allotment running out quickly.

Tamadoge sold at 1 USDT/100 TAMA (1 TAMA = 0.01) during the initial beta sale phase, where 200 million tokens were sold. Since then, several tranches of 100 million tokens have followed.

The price of the token will gradually increase until it reaches $0.03 in the ninth phase, which is equal to x3 the price during the first beta sale phase.

In summary, after the seventh stage where 1 USDT will be worth 40 TAMA, the presale will reach the eighth stage where 1 USDT will be worth 36.36 TAMA. In the ninth and final stage, the price will rise to 1 USDT = 33.33 TAMA.

  • Phase 6 : 1 USDT = 44.44 TAMA
  • Phase 7 : 1 USDT = 40 TAMA
  • Phase 8 : 1 USDT = 36.36 TAMA
  • Stage 9 : 1 USDT = 33.33 TAMA

The team behind Tamadoge is gradually revealed, it includes two Britons

While the exact identities of those making up the Tamadoge team have not yet been revealed, it is now known that two of its members are British.

Two weeks ago, Tamadoge’s official website revealed that Thomas Seabrook, former technical director at WMS, was the lead game developer on the project and Carl Dawkins, formerly marketing director at SocialBlox, was responsible for growth at Tamadoge.

Elon Musk, the famous Shiba Inu dog breed enthusiast who has done so much to inspire the meme currency industry, is he one of the mysterious investors in the project?

Blockchain Games Are ‘Least Affected By The Bear Market’ – Tamadoge Is The Next Crypto To Explode

While the crypto winter has seen valuations tumble across the digital asset space, blockchain gaming is the sector “least affected by the bear market,” according to data collected by the data and analytics site.

Tamadoge is building a game where players are rewarded for raising their ‘Tamadoge Pet’ by caring for it from birth through adulthood. Each animal is represented by an NFT and has unique characteristics. Leaderboards where animals compete to climb the leaderboard will be posted before the end of the year. Another novelty, the animals will also be able to compete.

Early next year, the team plans to explore collaboration opportunities with metaverse platforms. A complete application on augmented reality will be launched next year.

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