Soon the restoration for the music school of Cœur de Loire in Cosne-sur-Loire; Registration is still possible

Parents are looking for extracurricular activities to exercise their cherubim. What if they enroll them in the intermunicipal music school Cœur de Loire? “As long as we have space, we will take registrations,” says Jean-Yves Chir, the director. “We currently have 177 students. We hope to reach 186.” Figures that do not take into account the children who participated in collective workshops of instrumental exercises (trumpets and saxophones) in Pouilly and Donzy. One hour group lessons.

The piano is the most in-demand instrument today.

In total, twenty-two instrument classes are open to practice as many as eighteen instruments. “The piano is currently the most in-demand,” notes Jean-Yves Chir. “We have twenty-five students divided among three teachers. »

If the music theory lessons are given in groups, those of instruments are individual. “It can happen that two students take the same lesson together, when it seems relevant to us, to create emulation,” specifies the conductor of the Harmony of Cosne. At the end of the afternoon or on Wednesday and all Saturday, for thirty minutes, the students play their instruments with their teacher. “After validating his first cycle, after passing a Nevers exam, the musician joins cycle 2 and the sessions then last 45 minutes,” explains the trombone player, who will give up this position due to time constraints.

In the musical awakening group, students are welcome from 5 years to adults. “Adult students represent the bulk of our workforce,” underlines the director of the inter-municipal music school, announcing the creation of a new ensemble to perform, Tambour battant. A workshop with drums and percussion students so that they become aware of the practice of drums. Eddy Deriaud, new drum teacher, will guide these lessons. A trombonist is wanted. Pending his arrival, Jean-Yves Chir will act as interim manager.

premium Who wants to join the choir Vivoce, of the Conservatory of Nevers?

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New: the establishment of a children’s choir

For the start of the 2022 school year, the intermunicipal music school Cœur de Loire will set up a children’s choir from Wednesday 14 September. “Requests have been made to us,” Jean-Yves Chir recalls. “And until then we hadn’t had a chance to do that. »

The singing teacher, Claire-Lise Dufour, who has just taken over the leadership of the choir Atout Chœur and has a little more time, will supervise this class, intended for children from 7 years to teenagers. Currently there are eight registered. “We hope to go to twenty,” reports the school director. A suitable repertoire for children’s choirs has been selected. French songs are being worked on, accessible. When everything is ready, he can perform, why not at the festival Deux croches Loire, when the formula is revised next year.

In numbers


Eighteen instruments can be practiced at the intermunicipal music school (flute, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, percussion (xylophone, timpani), drum, violin/cello, classical guitar, piano, organ, vocals, synthesizer, electric guitar , drums).


Twenty-three music teachers work at the music school on a paid basis, for an hourly volume of 186.25 hours per week. A director completes the workforce.


Currently, there are 177 students enrolled in the music school. The goal is to reach 186.

Harmony. She will animate the market of Cosne on Sunday, September 4, will participate in the festival of associations Saturday, September 10, will be present at the inauguration of the church of Saint-Père Saturday, October 15. She is preparing the Sainte-Cécile and the winter concert that will be played in the village hall of Cours.

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