Fortnite viral clip shows how massive the multiverse is in the game

Epic Games has certainly invested a lot of time, money and effort to make the Fortnite Metaverse a reality. Characters from all possible universes are part of the Battle Royale game. Collaborations ranging from singers and actors to video games and superheroes are also part of the Battle Royale game.

Many still don’t understand the sheer size of the Multiverse in Epic’s Battle Royale. Since the skins are always in rotation, it’s hard to imagine them all in the game at once. However, popular YouTuber NickEh30 recently shot a short video summarizing the biggest collaborations that have come to the island, and it looks simply stunning.

Goku, Spider-Man, Poison Ivy and many other characters are included charging their Ki and using the Mythic Kamehameha in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. A few years ago, fans and players could hardly have imagined such a thing. Fortunately, the Multiverse created by Epic Games has finally made this possible.

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Is Fortnite the biggest gaming metaverse?

The Metaverse as a virtual place for players to interact socially is growing rapidly. This includes characters and landscapes that players can use to interact with each other. Epic Games tried to create something similar with their Battle Royale Island, and all the collaborations and most outsiders will have a hard time believing it until they see it with their own eyes.

In a recent YouTube short, NickEh30 tried to gather as many gamers as possible. He asked them to equip collaborative skins such as Marvel, DC and anime characters. When they were all ready, he instructed them to do the Charge Ki emote, followed by the Mythic Kamehameha. While the ending of the video was quite chaotic, it perfectly showcased the size of the Fortnite multiverse.

Fortnite continues to impress with its array of IPs, social experiences and world building. Epic is light years away from anyone trying to develop a “metaverse” and it doesn’t even come close.

Several games have tried to offer interesting collaborations in the recent past. Call of Duty: Warzone and PUBG have also released several collaborations in the past, including cosmetics inspired by popular culture characters. However, none of the collaborations were as big as Fortnite’s.

Epic Games continues to expand the Multiverse in its Battle Royale game at an unprecedented pace. Their ability to incorporate these collaborations into the gameplay makes them so much more interesting and better than any other game.

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Does Fortnite Have Too Many Collaborations?

Even with all the star-studded collaborations, Loopers are often disappointed with the frequency of crossovers in the battle royale game. They believe that the Item Shop and Battle Pass are largely taken up by collaboration skins and there is a lack of original cosmetics in the game.

However, this may simply be due to the lack of hype surrounding the original skins, which is not the case with the collabs.

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Fortnite collaborations are all over social media and even have physical ads, as seen in the case of Naruto and Dragon Ball Super. The studio continues to strike a balance between crossovers and original cosmetics.

Crossovers have so far made no more than 50% of a season’s total skins. Obviously, Epic Games is focused on making the Fortnite multiverse as large as possible while preserving the originality of the game.

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