Back to school: news and changes in the schools of Bagnols-sur-Cèze

The students of the schools of Bagnols found the benches of the school on Thursday 1 September. The city’s mayor and elected officials made their traditional tour.

As with each new school year, the mayor of Bagnols Jean-Yves Chapelet, accompanied by his assistant for education, academic success and secularism, Christine Muccio, the municipal councilor in charge of children and youth Carine Boissel and officials of the city’s education department, toured. the schools of the city: three school groups (Jules-Ferry, Jean-Jaurès, Célestin-Freinet), the public kindergarten Jean-Macé and the private school Sainte Marie.

The opportunity to meet with branch heads and take stock of work, equipment, progress or even workforce. 1,479 children in 61 classes attend public schools in Bagnols for 420 students of the Sainte-Marie private school. “There is no bulk class closure“the mayor rejoices”a kindergarten closed in Jean-Macé (69 students) but another opened in Célestin-Freinet (141 students in kindergarten and 347 in primary school).Jean-Macé is the last kindergarten that is not part of a school group.

Theater workshops, sports sessions

On this Thursday morning, at the time of the back-to-school bell, only a teacher was missing at the Jules-Ferry school, located in the Escanaux district. “She’s coming this afternoon” quickly reassured the director of the school Thierry Lepeltier. “There are some student registrations this morning, the families of the newcomers don’t always know that they have to register at school too, not just at the town hall.notes this headteacher who is pleased that his school, the largest in Bagnols (350 primary students, 161 in kindergarten), is a pilot project for the “project classes” system that allows primary school students to take advantage of workshops, theater or sports sessions . “It will change the rules, the habits, enrich the education… We start at the end of Septemberhe explains.

Bike course, hopscotch games

In the Sainte-Marie private school, the director Jacques Ray shows the novelties of this start of the school year: a new cycle route for the little ones, hopscotch games, paintings and framework of the renovated indoor playground… “We put a wooden panel against the wall so the students could play marbles without damaging the wall!he smiled. A little something that caught the attention of the representatives of the town hall, such as the raised chairs for the little ones in the cafeteria.

Interactive digital screens

In the CE1 class of the director of the Jean-Jaurès primary school, Kader Ainine, the children are entitled to their interactive digital screen (ENI). “We have seven ENI in the school and also the old TBI (interactive whiteboard)”. And to corridors with brand new bright paintings. Also new at the kindergarten of this school group in the city center (143 children in kindergarten, 270 in primary school): Brigitte Léonard, who was already teaching there, became director .

Energy savings and budgets

Heating : during his visit to the schools, the mayor of Bagnols mentioned the problem of gas heating. “We will be working on this in municipal buildings. With the price increases, that is no longer possible. We will be told 1 M€ more for energy consumption for all these buildings“.

At Sainte-Marie’s private school, the principal announces that he “250 lamps by LEDs. After a year and a half, we pay for ourselves. This saves us € 5,500 per year!he explains.

budgets : the city of Bagnols finances the project class system at Jules-Ferry for an amount of € 22,000 per year. It also funds swimming sessions for preparatory school children (€15,400). € 97,000 was invested to buy the 27 interactive screens that were distributed in the schools.

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