EDUFORM’ACTION – Eduform’Action Groupe launches a certifying training ‘Business Developer and Digital Marketing B2B’ in collaboration with Oreegami – 23-08-22 – 09:40

Eduform’Action Groupe (MLEFA), an entrepreneurial group developing in the initial education and vocational training market, launches this fall a new training program “Business Developer and Digital Marketing B2B”, leading to a bachelor’s degree “Marketing Manager Digital and Online Advertising” – title RNCP level 6. This initiative is part of a strong development dynamic, the group aims to train more than 100,000 students per year!

Designed in collaboration with Oreegami, an innovative digital marketing academy with the goal of professional integration, this unique 12-month work-study training starts on October 3rd to educate the BtoB salespeople of tomorrow! It opens the way to about thirty positions within partner companies.

A threefold benefit for the student: training free to highly sought after skillslearning paid and a certificate recognized by the state

In a labor market where profiles are combined digital skills and business skills are rare, Eduform’Action Groupe and Oreegami create training
Allow “Business Developer and Digital Marketing B2B” to acquire the most innovative and highly deployable business skills.

This new program is accessible via apprenticeship training under a professionalization contract of 12 monthsincluding:

– 2 months, ie 280 hours, in “Bootcamp” mode from the start of the contract

– 10 months on a work-study basis, with 5 weeks or 175 hours of training in school during one week face-to-face every 2 months

Launched on October 3rd, with the help of leading companies in B2B activities or in the media sector, this training program is: open to all profiles under the age of thirty, whether students, people in retraining or job seekers, in the selection of applications and offers a capacity of 30 seats.

For partner companies: a tailor-made educational program, to transfer the most important skills related to the position of “Business Developer and Digital Marketing B2B”

The training “Business Developer and Digital Marketing B2B”, initiated by Eduform’Action Groupe and managed by Oreegami, will focus on a practical, concrete and operational approach to “growth hacking”and will rely on coaches from the professional worldexperts in their field, to ensure all the educational part.

From techniques for creating a database of qualified prospects to qualification interviews, email automation, digital marketing or even social selling, all the modules designed meet 100% of the needs expressed by the partner companies of Eduform’Action Groupe.

Gathered around this goal with a strong social impact, With this bachelor, Eduform’Action and Oreegami want to actively contribute to the professional reintegration and inclusion of young people through employment.


“Business Developer and Digital Marketing B2B” – From October 3, 2022 to October 3, 2023

Why apply?

>> A unprecedented training provided by business professionals and focused on practice

>> A state recognized certification : RNCP Level 6 title (Bac+3/4) and increased employability

>> A promotion on a human scale promoting personalized support for each student

>> Education free for the student

>> Combine 4 thematic modules hard and soft skills

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About Oreegami –

Oreegami, an innovative digital marketing academy with the goal of professional integration, has been supporting job seekers from different backgrounds towards the operational professions of digital marketing, online advertising and data for 4 years. The academy employs an innovative pedagogy, based on both practice and the development of personal skills, thanks to personal support by certified coaches. The training courses are open to everyone, the selection is made by personality and logical tests that allow to evaluate the suitability between the candidates and the positions intended. All Oreegami trainings are 100% free for trainees because they are funded by Pôle Emploi, the OPCOs and specific programs.

About Eduform’Action Group –

Eduform’Action Groupe was founded at the end of 2021 and its signature is: “Training for the future for employability in the heart of the territories”. The group aims to provide training to those who do not have access to it and to enable as many people as possible to find a job nearby. It guides any learner profile, whether young or already experienced, and focuses on the sectors most under pressure (technology, energy, impact, health, catering, etc.). Ambitious and strong in development, Eduform’Action Groupe is listed on Euronext Access Paris, mnemonic: MLEFA, ISIN code: FR0010882886 (PEA eligibility).

Media contact : Ségolène de Saint Martin – PCE – – 33(0)6 16 40 90 73

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