The most striking innovations of August 2022

Valentina Candeloro, International Marketing Director at Mood Media, offers us, as every month, a zoom on the innovations that are marking and revolutionizing the customer experience.

This month Casino is launching the second-hand market with its O’caZ concept. Kenzo perfectly combines the physical store and Web3. Decathlon innovates by offering a service in the form of a Netflix subscription. Mango Teen immerses us in its universe of the metaverse and Sézane takes over the streets of Barcelona to open his latest store.

Mango Teen dives into the metaverse

Designed by Masqueespacio and Mango’s design team, the beautiful stores offer an interactive and dreamy shopping experience that makes the metaverse world a reality: Hello Mango Teen. We are proud to be the selected partner to provide the first Mango Teen stores with personalized music and an exclusive fragrance solution. Masquespacio created the design elements in the store to showcase as many garments as possible while providing a unique shopping experience.

From the choice of flashy colors (green and orange), to the circular design of the shop, to the effect of the hotel reception, everything has been thought through so that you do not feel like you are in a normal shop. Demand originality, the mark is in the first place of the podium. A recycling room, which looks like a washing machine, releases bubbles as soon as a customer puts clothes in it. The ultra-connected fitting rooms have a phone holder. Customers can easily take a photo/video of themselves in this futuristic universe and share it on their social networks.

It will be appreciated that Mango Teen is the flagship store for millennials followers of connected services.

Casino goes on second-hand offensive

The former Casino Bio in Vals-près-le-Puy has become O’caZ, an area of ​​350 square meters entirely devoted to the sale of second-hand products. As much to tell you that it is the place to be, to do good food deals, but not only! Major brands of second-hand clothing are also offered at low prices ranging from -20% to -70% on a wide range of products.

The ambition of the brand? Restore the purchasing power of its consumers and make them aware of a new way of consuming, more responsible and involved. Payment innovation is far from the standard of new technologies à la Amazon. But the proposed solution is especially beneficial for customers who can pay in 10 (free!) installments. For the Casino brand, this O’caZ concept is an opportunity to gain a foothold in the second-hand world, and why not open O’caZ corners in casinos in France? Just wait. And then, as they say, “it’s the thief’s chance!”.

The subtlety of the Web3 by Kenzo pop-up

How do you link the traditional pop-up store to the Web3 movement? Kenzo offers a compelling answer with an alliance of physical trading and the NFT universe as a drive-to-store tool. At the Isetan department store in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Kenzo presents his latest autumn-winter collection. The brand decides to surf on exclusivity thanks to:

  • a corner open only from 24 to 30 August;
  • preview access to Kenzo University’s capsule collection;
  • the promise to leave with a free NFT, available on site.

Good to know: To give the device a little more exclusivity and excitement, visitors will have to find the small chip hidden in one of the lockers that form the decor of the store, in order to access their NFT. The luxury brand knows how to adapt to new shopping trends. Subtly linking the unique universe of an ephemeral pop-up store to the use of the latest technologies in commerce is the winning combination!

Decathlon, the new Netflix for sportswear rental

Innovation at Decathlon!

The iconic French sports brand is currently in the testing phase of a Netflix-like business model. The brand offers a panel of consumer testers three subscriptions according to a ceiling corresponding to the maximum value of the products that can be used:

  • 20 euros per month for a ceiling of 400 euros in equipment;
  • 40 euros for a ceiling of €1,000;
  • 80 euros for a ceiling of 2,000 €.

This offer perfectly meets the expectations of (among others) families with children who practice different sports, while growing at a rapid pace. There is no need to buy a new pair of sneakers or go jogging every six months… Renting is the new fashion for a lower price (six times cheaper on average).

The return demanded from customers? Care for products to maximize their longevity. For its part, the brand offers an overhaul service to restore all rented products. This model is financially profitable for the families as well as for the brand, but also for the partners, who have a new goal: to make their products more sustainable. A real vicious circle!

Barcelona welcomes the latest Sézane boutique

The iconic French fashion brand opened its newest boutique in the heart of Barcelona this summer. The perfect place to come for a walk and burn your wallet before taking a short walk to the beach. Inspired by the style of Parisian apartments and concierges, as well as the essence of the city of Barcelona, ​​this new fashion location has it all. From leather goods to the summer collection to the October Editions men’s collection, everything is there to delight fans of the brand.

Certified B-Corp, Sézane continues to produce new collections in accordance with its commitment to care for the environment and its employees. The board is indeed exemplary through its controlled production model, the use of noble materials and the working conditions in its workshops.

And, the little innovation to finish

Last month we told you about our favorite for Jennyfer’s concept store Don’t Call me Beach. We discover that they have just opened a store that is 100% dedicated to men: Don’t Call Me Bro. The brand has understood this, there is something for everyone.

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