Back to school: 780,000 pupils in Nord and Pas-de-Calais are back to school

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10:45 am Back to school: why did the inspector come to count the pupils in Râches this morning?

This Thursday morning, on this back-to-school day, Christelle Devred, the new inspector of the center of Douai (Douai en Râches) at the Râchoise Suzanne-Lanoy school, was there to count the students and make sure that the number of classes been consistent.

10:40 a.m. A dad takes advantage of the start of the school year to climb a crane

This Thursday morning, around 8 a.m., a man climbed on a crane, rue de la Lys, in Halluin, to see his two daughters with whom he has had no contact for nearly four years. The fire brigade and the national police are on the scene.

This is the sixth return to school I’m doing without them, it’s not possible anymore
“Explains Maxime Winne, originally from Wervicq-Sud. For nearly four years, he says he has had no contact with his two daughters, Louane, 10, and Manon, who will soon be 6, after court decisions that he completely disputes.

10:20 am Pay attention to energy consumption

The president of the north, Christian Poiret, who inaugurates a college in Wavrin, asks all college managers to pay attention to energy consumption: “ otherwise we won’t last “.” We are not going to lower the temperature in the rooms, even if that was an option. But you’ll have to make it added the chairman.

10:10 am 400 students expected at Le Touquet colleague today

This Thursday, 400 students are expected at Le Touquet College (including 90 sixth-graders who have already returned to school). Yesterday 27 teachers returned, welcomed by Valérie Legay, the new director.

10 hours. “Special” return and mayor in tears for the Borreschool

Time was not carefree before the gates of the René-Delhay school, this Thursday morning. In a solemn moment, in the presence of almost complete parents of students, the principal did not hide that the establishment has a “

special return

“. We know since the unveiling of the school map: the Flemish village of 600 inhabitants is losing one of its three classes due to the reduction in the number of pupils. As soon as they heard about it, parents and elected officials mobilized to save it. Until the beginning of July the actions continued, especially in the presence of the new deputy Pierrick Berteloot.

9.40 am 90 sixths return to Le Touquet college

At the college of Le Touquet, 90 sixths returned. No more stressful phone calls to the microphone this year, every student is welcomed by his/her head teacher.

9:25 am Marine Le Pen wishes young people a good start to the new school year

Welcome back to all children, young people and their parents as well as teachers and school staff ! says Marine Le Pen.

9:21 am Best bus service in Dunkirk

On this back-to-school day, marked by the challenge of household purchasing power, we are improving the service of the free DK’Bus network to further improve accessibility to and from Dunkirk. It’s good for the planet and for purchasing power! “says Patrice Vergriete, the mayor of Dunkirk, on Twitter.

9:18 am Martine Aubry wishes Lille students a good start to the new school year

About 16,000 inhabitants of Lille went back to school this Thursday morning. The mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, who started kindergarten at the Maria Montessori school, wished them a good start to the new school year.

Back to school at Montessori Kindergarten. Here Martine Aubry greeted students and parents. PHOTO BAZIZ CHIBANE / THE VOICE OF THE NORTH – VDNPQR

9:12 am The Hauts-de-France region thanks the Hauts-de-France bus drivers

A big thank you to all the bus drivers in Hauts-de-France for taking the 212,000 students to their destination every day. The Hauts-de-France region tweeted this morning, in a context where the school transport sector is also under stress.

9 hours. The Minister of Education wishes students a good start to the new school year

Today 12.2 million students are going back to school. To each of them I offer my sincere wishes for academic success. I wish that in school they find the taste for knowledge, the means for their personal and collective development. “, has tweeted the Minister of National EducationPap Ndiaye.

8:57. Lys-lez-Lannoy: it’s back to school at the new Paul-Bert school too

8:53 am At the Jean Rostand school in Hellemmes it’s also back to school in singing

8:46. Christian Poirier, the president of the Nord department, in Wavrin

The president of the Nord department, Christian Poirier, inaugurates the new Léon Blum secondary school in Wavrin (in fact it has been in operation for several months).

8:46. A complicated divorce… but for whom?

In Saint-Martin-Boulogne, the separation between parents and children is complicated… It remains to be seen who has the hardest time leaving the other!

8:45 am Free school supplies: for whom, how… what do you need to know about this government project

Against a backdrop of mounting inflation, the city’s deputy minister’s ambition to provide underprivileged students with a free pack of supplies at the start of the 2023 school year is based on local experience, but could be challenging in large municipalities. tension. We explain everything you need to know.

8:41 am Some students are in a hurry to go to school

8:33 am This teacher is not teaching this year: ‘It was unthinkable what happened to me’

She won the CAPET and even qualified for the aggregation. But in a context of acute shortage of teachers, Irina Velkova had to resign and will not attend classes this year. A story that questions the system.

08:30. It’s time to go to class!

In Hellemmes, in the Jean Rostand school group, the doors are open, back to school has begun.

8:29. In Saint-Martin-Boulogne it’s music again

At the Ferry-Nacry school in Saint-Martin-Boulogne, it’s back to school with music to calm the cries of the little ones.

8:10 am Back to school in Lille and the metropolis: everything that changes

School supplies, canteen prices, work in schools… Overview of what is changing in schools in the agglomeration of Lille.

8:07. Is there a teacher for every student in the Academy of Lille?

It’s back to school for the 780,000 students in Nord and Pas-de-Calais in a context of acute teacher shortage. The principal wants to reassure. The unions are sounding the alarm.

7:52. Douaisis: is the price of meals in the canteen rising with rising costs?

With thousands of children going to school this Thursday without health restrictions, family budgets are under severe strain. What about canteen prices in Douaisis due to the increase in raw materials and energy costs? We make an inventory.

7:32. Teacher shortages, math first, equality between girls and boys… Five back-to-school facts to remember

07:30. Emmanuel Macron fights bullying at school

On the eve of the start of the new school year, the president — @EmmanuelMacron — wanted to send a message to students who are victims of harassment: You are not alone The head of state tweeted on Wednesday evening on the Élysée account and shared a video he made on TikTok.

@emmanuelmacron ♬ original sound – Emmanuel Macron

7:25 am ‘Angry’ Parents

A teacher’s promise to every student is more like a political slogan than reality Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the first high school union, said this week. This union launched the keyword #NotreVraieRentrée to collect testimonials within the establishments.

Parents of students also fear “an explosive return to school,” said AFP Nageate Belahcen, co-chair of the FCPE, the first federation of student parents. ” Absent teachers who are not replaced, indentured servants who are not adequately trained, or high school math… Families are concerned Mathematics is being reintroduced this year (but as an option) to the common core in high school from the First, after being removed by the reform of the baccalaureate degree of Jean-Michel Blanquer, predecessor of Pap Ndiaye.

In order to restore the attractiveness of the teaching profession, the government has set some milestones on the remuneration side. Pap Ndiaye promised that “
no teacher would start his career with less than 2,000 euros net per month from the start of the 2023 school year
“. This would be” a starting salary, excluding bonuses “. And increases significant will take place, he added, without giving a timetable.

7:20 am Already experienced contractors

To reassure you once again, the Education Minister, who is making his first comeback in this position, reiterated that ” more than 80% of contract employees have already taught However, he anticipated the possible tensions and explained on RTL on Tuesday that this was ” does not exclude difficulties in certain disciplines during the year “The concerns are great on the part of both the parents of students and the unions, who are exposing ” a do-it-yourself » in light of the recruitment of contract workers during the summer.

7:15 am… But with a lack of teachers

The start of the school year took place last year under the seal of the health crisis. This year it will take place under the crisis of teacher recruitment. A phenomenon that is not new, but has deteriorated further this year, with more than 4,000 open vacancies in the country’s competitions, of the 27,300 vacancies in the public and private sectors (and a total of 850,000 teachers).

Education Minister Pap Ndiaye has not stopped repeating it for several days: even if the conditions ” are not optimal “, the start of the school year will be” similar to last year », « with a teacher for each class To make up for this shortage, the National Education has recruited contract teachers, 3,000 according to Pap Ndiaye, trained in a few days before standing in front of a class.

7:10 am Finally a “normal” return…

Unlike the two previous back-to-school periods, teachers and students will not wear masks due to the silence on the Covid-19 front. Two years ago, middle and high school students had to put it on. Last year this was the case for all CP students.

The protocol applicable to this return to school will be at the “basic level”, the lowest of the new health framework. It provides, in addition to the absence of a mask, that the students are welcomed face-to-face, with no restriction on physical activities and no restriction on intermixing.

7 hours. It’s back to school!

Today is recovery day for about 12 million students, from the very small part to the Terminale. They are 6.5 million school children; 3.4 million high school students and 2.2 million high school students will find their way back to class this Thursday.

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