Clermont: everything is fine before the start of the school year

On the eve of the start of the school year, the city of Clermont, which manages 63 schools, takes on a serene face. Everything is ready to receive students in the best conditions and several projects have been announced.

In the French education system, it is the cities that are responsible for the schools. For example, the municipality of Clermont manages 63 schools, 33 school canteens and 3 culinary preparation units that serve almost 9,500 students. 730 municipal officials ensure the proper functioning of all institutions that, in addition to education, also serve 6,500 meals a day. If the National Education, in the voice of its minister Pap Ndiaye, recognizes some difficulties in recruitment in the institutions, Clermont encounters none. Everything is in order, both for the property, in good condition after the summer works, and for all the staff who are already back to work to ensure the start of the school year on Thursday 1 September.

Return under the sign of the environment

The summer marked by periods of heat wave showed the importance of accelerating the energy transition and confirmed the municipality in its investment choices. In recent weeks there have been numerous projects, for a total amount of 2.2 million euros, to keep the establishments in good condition, but also to allow them to evolve towards more energy-efficient with, for example, brises soleil and more efficient windows. These small projects complete the major transformations included in the modernization of public buildings, the oldest of which are considered thermal sieves. The work will take place parallel to the extended program Breathe in the pause which in the meantime makes it possible to make schoolyards greener at the rate of 4 locations per year for a total budget of 6.6 million euros. The goal is to transform 50% of the park before the next election.
In terms of education, the city wanted to launch a new “course” this year, an educational supplement dedicated to the environment, for 3-11 year olds. The project Budding Clermontois, can take place in volunteer schools around 6 major themes related to ecology. About sixty animators are being trained for the occasion.

A new school in the Regensburg-Vallières district

The current development of the city center is likely to pose problems for housing capacity in the long term. Therefore, a new kindergarten with 8 classes should be opened at the beginning of the 2025 school year, place the Regensburg with adapted school and extracurricular spaces in complementarity of the school group Aristide Briand. This project also includes a crèche with 40 cribs. The new school, with a total area of ​​2,400 m², will be the second municipal establishment, after the Edith-Tavers sports center in the Saint-Jean district, which will bear the famous E4C2 label, identifying new generation buildings that produce more energy energy than it consumes.

No increase for canteens

Faced with more than substantial increases in the price of raw materials, between 40 and 45% for butter, meat and fish, to which those of materials and energy must be added, the city of Clermont has made the decision not to increase canteen prices and to introduce a ​​initiate internal action to reduce operating costs. Negotiating, reducing waste, adapting recipes with respect for quality are part of a series of measures introduced to guarantee unchanged prices. However, the management division remains cautious in the long term in the absence of reliable forecasts on food availability and prices.

In a next article we will return to the experiment of the “Schoolstraat” in which a part of the public road is made 100% pedestrian at the time of arrival and departure in the vicinity of establishments.

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