provide the tools to understand and act on sustainable development;

The summer we’ve just had, with its share of droughts, wildfires and other temperature records, only confirms what we already knew: climate change is real, its effects are already visible and affect us all.

In this context, the start of the school year is an unmissable opportunity to work together towards an accelerated transition, but above all to equip the new generation for this global change that affects them more than anyone else. This seems to be on the right track: during his back-to-school press conference, the Minister of Education promised a reflection on sustainable development education, but the contours of this are still unclear.

And if one of the solutions to include the school in its contemporary challenges was for everyone to bring their stone to the building in the field of education in environmental issues?

The new generation knows we need to go further: 70% (1) of 18-24 year olds in France are in favor of a sustainable ecological transition, especially among the youngest! More than ever, young people play a key role in this transition and it is our duty to support them: we must give them the keys to understanding and action through their education as early as possible.

Since the birth of environmental education in France in 1977, to the recent creation of eco-delegates, there has been no denying that progress has been made in this area. But while 91% (2) of education professionals want to mobilize for the climate emergency, a third are calling for better training. Anchoring education in the current challenges of society could also be a way to increase the attractiveness of the profession, today in a recruitment crisis. Faced with the complexity of environmental issues, we must therefore move faster, further, by making more resources available to schools on these topics!

Enlightened Citizens

Education professionals, if you’re ready to get involved, take advantage of this new school year to rethink the place climate change is being given in your institutions by adopting new content. You are great informers: give your students the opportunity and the desire to participate in the change!

Companies that have invested in a change in society, let’s support the actors of education in this process. Our deep understanding of our areas of expertise should benefit as many people as possible. Let’s mobilize the necessary resources to disseminate useful knowledge at the cutting edge of the latest research for all students!

Ministries and public actors, we urgently need your help to develop and disseminate the relevant tools to support this change. The school must have the vocation to form enlightened citizens, essential for the construction of our society.

Founder of a company fighting food waste, I’ve seen the school world wait for this kind of content, when it’s built with all stakeholders. The feedback we received from Too Good To Go after the launch of our “Mon École Anti Gaspi” program to raise awareness among primary school students about food waste confirms this! Provided these tools are built with teachers, tutors, inspectors… to meet their requirements.

The urgency of the climate situation requires that we all act hand in hand, pooling our skills and resources to serve the future generation and our planet. In this way we can provide those involved in education with instruments at the interface of current knowledge, whereby theory and practice are combined. We will equip our children with the knowledge to navigate our society and steer it in the right direction.

To all actors who are sincerely committed to a better society: continue your commitment by sharing your knowledge with the new generation! From this beginning of the school year, let’s give ourselves the tools to act and take our share of the responsibility in the construction of this new vision of the world that begins in our schools.

1. Yougov survey for Bulb, conducted from September 10 to 13, 2021, among 1022 respondents representative of the French national population aged 18 to 34.

2. Survey “School and Jobs: Teacher Consultation”, survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the SNUIPP-FSU with a sample of 24,867 teachers, from December 15, 2021 to March 21, 2022.


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