Nintendo Switch: The staggering numbers of Wii U gameports, a lucrative venture

Game news Nintendo Switch: The staggering numbers of Wii U gameports, a lucrative venture

The Wii U doesn’t represent Nintendo’s best era and sooner than expected, the company had to stay on its feet as best it could. Fortunately, the Switch came to rectify the situation and the company took the opportunity to bring many of its games into it… with unparalleled success.

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We know: the Switch is an absolute hit and a real godsend for Nintendo who stumbled across the carpet with the Wii U a few years earlier. By perfecting the latter’s hybrid formula and shortening its life cycle, the Kyoto company brought from his descendant in 2017, with all the success we know. The chance to bring some games that couldn’t work the way they should, the Wii U flop identified as the main cause, was too good at the time.

Nintendo therefore complied: very quickly Mario Kart 8 was then exported to Switch in a Deluxe version, as were many exclusive offers for several years after the release of the console. The opportunity to make productions more profitable and signed a study today Oscar Lemairefreelance video game journalist, allows us to see things more clearly.

Nintendo Switch: The staggering numbers of Wii U gameports, a lucrative venture

If there’s more, there’s more

The statistics are indeed uplifting. In a tweet, Oscar Lemaire points out the differences in sales between the Wii U version of a game and the Swicth port: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for example, is the one with the highest ratio (553%) with nearly 8.5 million sales for the original part versus…almost 47 million sales for the Deluxe version.

The finding extends to many other exclusives that, for many, thanks to the popularity of the Switch, almost double the figures achieved on the Wii U.

Game Sell ​​on Wii U Sell ​​on Switch Ratio Cumulative Sales
Mario Kart 8 8,460,000 46,820,000 553% 55,280,000
Bayonetta 2 Less than 1 million 1,040,000 Not known Not known
Donkey Kong Land: Tropical Freeze 2,020,000 4,120,000 204% 6.140.000
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 1,370,000 2,130,000 155% 3,500,000
New Super Mario Bros. you 5,820,000 13,310,000 229% 19,130,000
pikmine 3 1,270,000 2,230,000 176% 3,500,000
Super Mario 3D World 5,880,000 9,430,000 160% 15,310,000

Game suites, also a huge success

The same goes for ports or updates of older titles. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake has surpassed 6 million sales on Switch, where the Game Boy Color version with its Deluxe version found “only” 3.83 million buyers.

Same result for game suites: Fire Emblem Three Houses sold 3.82 million copies at the end of 2021, compared to 2.35 million for Fire Emblem Awakening (and even before that, no installment of the franchise had managed to exceed the million). Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is also a pretty figurehead, with 2.44 million sales by the end of 2021 and proving to be the only licensed game to have more than a million units sold.

We end on an impressive note: 50 Nintendo Switch games have surpassed a million copies, and even 55 if we count the titles that Nintendo is the publisher of, in the West alone “Like Octopath Traveler or Hyrule Warriors,” Oscar Lemaire tells us. Hats off!

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