Back to School 2022: Lyon’s Educational Project in Action

Something new in Lyon’s canteens

By reinforcing the presence of organic and local products on the plates of small Lyonnaises and Lyonnais, the City of Lyon reaffirms its commitment to healthy, sustainable and quality food, in a desire for social justice and support for local agriculture.

From September 1, the school catering offer is included two new menus “Petit Bouchon” (all kinds of food) and “Jeune shoot” (100% vegetarian) to the 30,000 schoolchildren registered in the cafeteria. The “mixed menu” option will remain, allowing families to choose meals from both menus.

> More organic and local

  • 50% of products from organic farming (target in 2026: from 75 to 100%);
  • 50% products of local origin, i.e. within a radius of less than 200 km, of which 20% within a radius of less than 50 km.

In a context of rising consumer prices, the city of Lyon has chosen to keep the cost of school meals at the same level, even if this service improves in quality, so as not to further affect the Lyon families and especially the most precarious.

Emphasis is placed on training and raising awareness of accompanying agents, especially on new vegetarian recipes: approximately 300 agents will be trained by September.

All details about the new school catering menus

Discover the new menus from September 1 to 9

The Lyon 2021 – 2026 educational project in action

This partnership tool, which makes it possible to unite the local educational community, implements and coordinates all educational actions of the municipality over all school, extracurricular and extracurricular times, for children and adolescents from 2 to 16 years old on its territory. Read more about the Lyon Educational Project 2021 – 2026

> New actions on schedule for school year 2022 – 2023

  • A Lyon network for outdoor pedagogy “school outside” is set up and works on all aspects of the child (about 40 teachers from Lyon have been trained outside the school). The City of Lyon will support them so that this practice can develop in the natural spaces of the city.
  • A 2nd edition of the Bike Challenge will take place this school year to facilitate children’s access to school on two-wheelers (1st successful edition in 2021: 23 participating schools, 2,300 nursery and primary school students).
  • Artistic and cultural education is enhanced with the ambition of a real path of musical education for all children, the basis of a new dynamic arts and cultural education policy. The collaboration with the Conservatoire de Lyon is strengthened by the mobilization of musicians in the classrooms, from kindergarten.
Two new bodies to promote local initiatives and spark discussions: Local Education Groups (local working bodies) and the Lyon Educational Council (annual meeting time for the educational community).

> Lyon, City of Children

The Lyon Educational Project also gives children a place back in public space. This mainly concerns developments that open up the school to the outside world and at the same time restore the quality of life on the scale of Lyon’s neighbourhoods.

Nature courses
The schoolyard revegetation program continues. The layout of the courses aims to promote children’s daily contact with nature, motor skills, social development, creativity, autonomy, while participating in the development of nature in the city to reduce the island effect of heat .

Objective: more than 150 nature courses, of which almost 70 schools in 2026.

  • Since 2021, 7 schools have already benefited from green developments.
  • 17 schoolsor nearly 1,000 children, are currently working on a “nature course” project (construction work in the summer of 2023).
  • 18 new schools will conduct a consultation on their nature courtyard project in the 2022-2023 school year for the work planned for 2024.

children’s street
Since the start of the 2020 school year, the work of the “Kids Streets” has focused on calming the city, allowing children to recapture public space and respond to longer-term environmental and climatic challenges. These facilities provide more fluid circulation and more space for families.

  • About fifty school environments were made, ie almost 10,000 children (€4.4 million invested until 2026).
  • 7 artistic intervention projects will take place with the children in 2022/2023.
  • Latest achievements “Kids Street”: Jules Verne School Group (3rd), Louis Pradel and Jean Couty Schools and Crèche Cuvier (6th), Marcel Pagnol School Group (7th).

Discover all the achievements of the “children’s street”

Adapt and improve childcare

> A significant investment for school buildings

The construction of new school groups is necessary to balance the disparate demographic evolution according to the districts, especially in the 7th and 8th.

Achievements of works for school equipment in 2022:

  • School group Antoine Rémond (6th): replacement of floors in 5 classrooms with asbestos removal, replacement of lead pipes, replacement of the fire safety system (SSI) in the primary school at a cost of €285,000.
  • Berthelot school group (7th): works for connection to district heating for an amount of €300,000.
  • Edouard Herriot school group (8th): connection works to district heating for an amount of € 350,000.
  • School group Lamartine (2nd): replacement of the fire safety system (SSI) for an amount of € 100,000.
  • This summer, EUR 7.6 million was committed for various renovation actions (classrooms, toilets, school canteens, etc.) in all districts.
New activities begin or continue throughout the coming school year. At the start of the 2023 school year, the city of Lyon will open 4 new schools.

> Reinforced oversight in numbers and qualifications

The City of Lyon coordinates extracurricular times in the morning, lunch break, evening and Wednesday morning, in collaboration with popular education associations (60%) or under direct management (40%). The qualification level of the speakers has improved with a requirement of 50% BAFA graduates and 30% in training.

Special attention is paid to out-of-school care and support for the animation sector, which is having difficulty recruiting and attracting people at a national level. To activate the hiring of facilitators, the city will organize a new Recruitment Forum in September 2022 and complement its action by establishing a professional license, through an unprecedented partnership with ISPEF (Institute of Science and Practices in Education and Training, Lyon II University) for leisure reception managers.

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