5 tips for anxious parents

Very soon the children will be going back to school, under the touched eyes of their parents. Despite all the goodwill in the world, the stress of the first day of school remains indelible. Parents are no exception. They too are subject to real fear and the origin is multiple. If you are one of those 87% anxious parents, relativism and cunning will be your best comrades. We explain it to you.

At the beginning of the school year, parents’ nerves are put to the test

At the bottom of shortages of bus drivers and teachers, is particularly strict on parents this 2022/2023 school year. After the difficult marathon in the supermarkets, chasing furniture at the right pricedo they have to redouble their efforts to find last minute solutions.

This only adds to their already high stress levels. With the start of the new school year in sight, Children’s fears sometimes spread to parents which then act as a flux, but this is not the only source of fear.

Concerned Parents, a Hidden Reality

According to a survey initiated by the company GoStudent with the Kantar Institute, 33% of parents are afraid of going to the next grade. This new page turning arouses a bit of bitter nostalgia. As soon as the child crosses the school gate, the reality of age jumps in the face. And the little phrase “he.she grew up so fast” takes on its full meaning.

Organization comes second in ranking. Difficult to get back on his feet after two months, dictated by a certain laxity. The summer break is over. Parents should also put on their best pen to fill in a mountain of complicated documents such as school insurance. This one mental burden, made heavier by inflation, weighs on the back of the parents.

To top it all off, the start of the school year doesn’t come as a gift this year. According to the Ministry of Education, 4,000 teaching positions remain vacant. If this picture seems very cloudy, anxious parents will have to take it upon themselves. Once rooted, this stress is transferred like a cursed relay. The proof, according to a study children of anxious parents are 5 times more likely to develop anxiety.

The right foundation for a serene return to school

Back to school is on everyone’s mind and it shows at home. children adapt to school hours. From 7pm they are already in pajamas, ready to join the arms of Morpheus.

Stopping the madness of the holidays and the long evenings under the starry sky is almost effortless with toddlers. But on the parents’ side, this dreaded day causes just as much stress as the day before an exam. To take full advantage of this privileged and unique moment with your child, we give you some tips. Concerned Parents, To Your Notepads!

1 – Talk positively about school

Your child, the size of three apples, will finally taste the joys of education. The first exercises of the alphabet, the spirit of camaraderie, the magical coloring… this world made of papier-mâché is completely unknown to children. Hence the importance of putting the subject on the table. If your child already has a lived the experience of the nursery, this community life is more easily affordable. Conversely, in the intimate setting of a nanny, this Confronting others can be frightening. It’s up to you to convert your child in confidence.

positive talk, you reassure him against this mysterious universe. Run away from terrifying phrases of style “school is hard” or the chorus “always take care of your business”. Make sure your child wants to sit on the benches of his class, even if he.she forgets you. When the day comes, the divorce will take place under the best auspices, because you will be prepared for it together.

2 – Light up your schedule

Meetings will wait. Your child’s first day of school should be high on your agenda. Underlined in a thousand colors on your calendar and in capital letters engraved on the phone’s reminders, this date will not go unnoticed.

If you have the opportunity, take a day off for this first school year. This prevents you from running and forgetting important things, such as a pencil case. By putting a cross on all the parasitic elements of your scheme, you stay focused on the essentials.

Instead of starting a race-against-the-watch interrupted by “Hurry up, we’ll be late”you take the road to school in a relaxed atmosphere. The same goes for your child. He would be inappropriate to overload it with extracurricular activities from the start. Piano, drawing, swimming, gymnastics… will be added to the priorities later.

3 – Sharing breakfast with your child

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This sentence, pronounced by the alumni, applies to both children and parents. However, breakfast, often on the run because of a knot in the stomach, is a family link. Concerned parents will need to free up some space in their tight throats to share this morning moment with their toddler. Around a bowl of cereal or when turning a slice of jam, enter into a dialogue.

Don’t let the credits of “Miraculous” or “Peppa Pig” take precedence over your lyrics. Ask questions to take the temperature. “How are you feeling for this first day?”, “Looking forward to meeting your classmates?”, “How do you imagine your mistress?”. You don’t have to go to the police interrogation, the aim here is to give your child a gentle bath.

4 – Trust the teachers

Before the first day of school, parents are often tempted to put a piece of clothing impregnated with their scent or a small picture of their head in their child’s school bag. But it will last fail… The teacher and the ATSEM will have enough trouble managing the “I want mom and/or dad”. It is therefore not worth adding a layer with these objects that only amplify the lack.

Adults at school have already had experience and know how to deal with the concerns of children. For them, the harmonious cries of 25 students are part of the routine. So leave school with a light heart and do you say that patience is the keyword for teachers?.

5 – Channel your emotions

That’s it, here you stand in front of the school, your child’s hand firmly attached to yours, as if glue has come to seal them. When those fat fingers come off sounds the hour of “goodbye”. This moment awakens a in both parents and child strong emotion, difficult to control.

And when crocodile tears fill your little one’s eyes, protective side picks up. But by crying yourself or delaying the divorce, you increase your child’s future frustrations. This time, you’ll have to take it on yourself. To all concerned parents, so that this first day is joyful, leave discreetly as soon as your child has made his mark.

The first day of school is mentally tough. To recharge their batteries and stay in shape as homework approaches, parents need to take care of them too. Blowing away from home is sometimes necessary to avoid sinking into parental burnout. This still taboo plague is said to affect 5% of parents.

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