pamiers. “Open School”: They Didn’t Wait Until Thursday to Go Back to School

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This year Pamiers has 1,062 enrolled in primary education. But in the context of the ministerial regulation “Learning holidays”, dozens of students were already at school last week.

Notebooks on the tables, school bags on the chairs and children in the garden. However, it is only Thursday, August 25 in Cazalé. While the start of the school year officially takes place on September 1, about seventy students have returned to school since last week. Ten to Carmelites as part of the “Success Course” and sixty to Cazalé, in the name of the “Open School” operation which is part of the “Learning Holidays” line run by the Ministries of Education and Youth & Sports. “These are devices offered to students who experience difficulties and are subject to the voluntary participation of parents,” specifies Michel Mason, Inspector of National Education (IEN). Some might a priori feel sorry for these children whose holidays have therefore been shortened by a week. They have fun. “It’s cool! We’re laughing and we’re all confused in the garden,” say Sébastien and Martin, future students.

The principle of the “Open School” is as simple as it is ingenious: in the morning, students work on basic concepts before participating in cultural activities directly related to them in the afternoon. After reading texts about farm animals, the CPs set out for the Saint-Michel park. The CE1s were entitled to four outings with ponies, mainly to work on self-confidence. And the CM2s, who were already involved in the Orchester à l’école system, played a concert in the Lombrives cave last Friday. So we’re a long way from the daunting and sometimes ineffective vacation notebook.

“Better identify the difficulties in order to better respond to them”

“We prepare children in a different way. It is about linking culture to education. These activities motivate children who experience school as a source of discovery. In this way we can enrich the vocabulary, approach the environment, raise awareness about biodiversity and sustainable development. Without forgetting that this can lead you to want to integrate the artistic structures of the city. We constantly congratulate them and in this way can start things about, for example, self-confidence. This allows us to better identify the difficulties to better respond to them”, underlines Catherine Fabry, director of Cazalé who is participating for the third time in the “Open School” thanks to the mobilization of the nine teachers of the establishment. ” All this is related to the philosophy and the educational project that has been set up here,” continues the one who is also the mistress of CM2. And an unconditional fan of the Orchestra at school, working in Cazalé since 2016.

“Working on music allows to develop concentration, memorization and the desire to collaborate. We see the benefits in terms of the cohort of groups and learning. I also want to thank the town hall for the loan instruments and sending teachers from the conservatory,” notes Catherine Fabry.

In July, 70 children were entitled to the same treatment. Out of a staff of 170 students, the vast majority of Cazalé’s workforce has completed this cleverly disguised and completely free refresher course. But does this mean that the difficulties will be greater at the end of the health crisis?

Michel Mason nuances this reading schedule. Certainly, a minority experienced delays on certain fundamentals during the first incarceration, despite all the goodwill of the teachers who worked remotely. “But their mobilization and the teaching methods that were introduced afterwards made it possible to compensate for a large part of the shortcomings and to eliminate certain difficulties. . .

Family portal: the rules of the game have changed

This is the great novelty of the start of the school year in Pamiers. For all things canteen and leisure reception, parents now have to register online and prepay their reservation. All within a maximum period of eight days prior to the requested service. For the child youth service, the challenge is twofold. Visibility of the workforce is essential, if only to adjust the occupancy rate and communicate the right number of meals in the canteen Las Parets, which works 60% organically. On the other hand, it is also a matter of fighting against unpaid debts that reached astronomical amounts a few years ago. All at the expense of the municipality. All information at:

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