Hip-hop, tap dancing… What’s new for the start of the 2022 school year at Isadora dance school in Montluçon (Allier)?

Dance school Isadora, in Montluçon (Allier), will offer several new functions for amateur students before the start of the 2022 school year. Besides the fact that current students can enjoy themselves by expanding the course offer, the aim is also to remind that the school is open to everyone from the age of 4, regardless of the person’s level.

“I noticed that there was confusion among the people with the pre-professional training for young dancers who are preparing for the competitions of the grandes écoles. They thought you auditioned for school! However, we are a dance school that is open to everyone”, emphasizes Alexandra Martin-Volcovici, director of the school and teacher of classical dance.

Dancing without necessarily doing classical

The director wants people who love dance, with no appreciation for classical or contemporary music or have professional goals, to find a class where they can indulge.

Reference in Auvergne and artistic director of tap dance at the Jazz aux sources festival in Châtel-Guyon, Isabelle Roux will teach tap dance to children, adolescents and adults.

Saoulé Akkus, who is already a character dance teacher at Isadora, will also offer oriental dance.

Grace Loubaki, well known in Montluçon, will come to the school’s second and new studio to teach hip-hop to children and teenagers.

Behind these new teachings is also the idea of ​​making dancers versatile. In our time this is required of them. No dancer is purely classical or purely contemporary. And for those who don’t want to become pros, it brings an open mind.

Adèle Cimbault, a 16-year-old Creusoise, goes to the National Higher Dance Conservatory at the start of the school year

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The singer, actress and choreographer Morgane Lavoine will strengthen Isadora’s teaching team. She teaches contemporary dance and jazz, as does Cathy Bisson.

Lessons that are not dance

It is with reference to these notions of versatility and openness that the director has set up new classes that are not dance as such.

Laurent Clairet, a graduate of the International School of Mimodrama in Paris. Marcel-Marceau, former assistant to the mime artist Marceau and teacher at his school, will teach gestural and visual theater to 9-11 year olds and teenagers from 12 years old.

Laurent Clairet will teach young people to express emotion through gestures. In mime there is no speech, everything goes through the body. It’s something that can be used in all dance styles.

The teacher will also offer a new course: the advancing ballet technique (PBT). The students will work on the movements with large balloons and rubber bands.

The instability created by the accessory forces them to take the correct position and will strengthen their deep muscles. They will feel in their body what the correct positioning is.

This 16-year-old Creusois went to the National Conservatory of Dance in Paris thanks to the Isadora de Montluçon school.

Realize a show from A to Z

Finally, a show creation workshop titled a year, group, show will be open to teens and adults. Together, the participants carry out the end-of-year show from A to Z, whether it concerns the search for music, sets, props, staging. “They will touch anything according to their skills or their desires. »

Information and registration at the Isadora dance school, 2 rue Molière in Montluçon. Such an. or Email: ecole.danse.isadora@orange.fr. Website: ecoleisadora.com

Florence Farina

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