Elrond and Revolut: a winning partnership?

Elrond’s EGLD token is now available to over 20 million people in over 30 countries through this new partnership. The protocol recently entered into a partnership with Revolut, a banking powerhouse. It allows anyone in the world to participate in a borderless internet economy. The protocol is designed as the backbone of such a system.

The ultra-fast development of Revolut, accentuated by this collaboration

Elrond’s native token, EGLD, is now available to more than 20 million people in more than 30 countries through this new partnership. Revolut’s recent partnership with Elrond was praised after the announcement. The partnership gave Revolut a valuation of $33 billion and made it the fastest growing technology company in Europe, according to Elrond.

Revolut’s acquisition of key e-money, banking and crypto-currency licenses enabled them to rapidly expand into new markets.

Elrond’s vision is to provide equal access to all kinds of value for everyone on the planet. The Revolut list of EGLD will enable a wider audience to experience the hassle-free payments essential to Elrond’s vision. It also gives Revolut customers access to a token that enables and facilitates frictionless transfers of any type of value, anywhere in the world.

Revolut has attracted new investors by providing services to more than 20 million customers in 36 countries. It also makes the company a good reference point for anyone looking to buy and sell digital assets. Revolut is at the intersection of traditional financial infrastructures and the web3, allowing them to facilitate exchanges between the two groups of people.

Revolut started out as a currency exchange office, but has since expanded to include other services. These include direct peer-to-peer payments, payday loans, budget checks, and FDIC insurance. Revolut was launched in 2015 and has grown tremendously since then.

Since 2015, Revolut has raised more than $800 million in funding. In addition, the company has 23 offices and 5,000 employees. Since its inception, Revolut has processed more than a billion transactions worth over $130 billion.

Elrond: a disruptive blockchain

Elrond is a blockchain designed for fast internet-scale transactions. Elrond aims for 1000x faster speed and power throughput. Elrond uses a new state partitioning mechanism and a secure PoS consensus method that scales linearly and quickly.

“The most innovative and disruptive fintech startups are attracted to crypto, bringing with them unique talent pools and fully engaged communities. If you add a vision that transcends your own product and industry, you get a game changer. Elrond is such a project. That’s why we’re excited to bring EGLD to Revolut customers and help them realize their vision of an inclusive global financial system,” said Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond Network.

The bearish run of the EGLD coin led it to hit a bottom price. As a result, the price of EGLD has fallen significantly after reaching an all-time high of $540 in November 2021. This morning, the coin is trading around $50.

Elrond’s EGLD token is used as a currency to make payments on the internet. It is also used in DeFi, Web3 and the Metaverse. Anyone who wants to make payments in these places will not hesitate to use EGLD.

The Elrond blockchain was launched in July 2020. It claims to be the second largest proof-of-stake system, Ethereum is the largest. If the Ethereum merger succeeds at the end of September, it will be even bigger than Elrond. However, Elrond is already considered one of the largest PoS blockchains in the world due to its 3200 validators located in four different corners of the planet. These validators reduce the energy consumption of the blockchain and make it more efficient.

According to Fintech Finance News, Elrond can handle 15,000 transactions per second. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin network only performs 7 transactions per second.

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