Studies and entrepreneurship: “Ro business academy” points the way to success

The “Ro Business Company” structure, led by Rodrigue Mitokpe, a senior medical student at Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry, hosted a conference debate at a receptive hotel in the square on Saturday, August 27, 2022. attention from students in the capital, noted through one of its journalists.

The theme of the conference was “How to start a business while still a student”. According to the organizer, this event is justified by the will of the members of “Ro Business academy” to help students by preparing them for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Rodrigue Mitokpe, CEO of Ro Business academy

“A lot of students think that going to school is a job and working in an office. We say no. This spirit has disappeared since the last century, when the demand for work was lower than the supply. The labor market is currently saturated. Once you have taken the steps to become a student, you should try to prepare yourself for the active life. That requires us to dare to express our talents. Try to identify the problems around us and find the idea to solve them. In short, dare to set up your own company. For this you need to have an open mind, a coach, a mentor or a reference in your life. This is the idea we want to share with our Guinean student brothers and sisters.”

For this Beninese, experience has taught him that most students who have just left university are looking for themselves. They find it difficult to find work when they can set up their own business and become their own boss.

“Young people need to know that you can succeed in life with or without a degree. You just have to believe in your abilities, trust your efforts, seize opportunities and turn ideas into action,” said the organizer.

This message was well received by Jean Paul Taïwo, also a medical student and participant in the meeting.

Jean Paul Taïwo, student and businessman

“Entering the business world as a student is a hot topic. The idea is innovative and students should experiment with it to give themselves great chances of success. As a student, you may have an idea to do business. From there, you can set up your own business and create your own business plan. Here we go. Before you complete your studies, you are your own employer. You earn a fair living and help to create jobs and fight poverty. It’s better than finishing school, walking around with your diploma card looking for a job. For example, I founded my company three years ago. I started from a simple observation. My compatriots complained that they did not eat well. I offered the meal from home and they were very happy. For example, I founded Plus company with three subsidiaries, namely restau plus; more laundry and more shopping. Restau plus offers a menu shared for example between Guinea, Benin and Ivory Coast. Before the laundry, we noticed that the students had trouble doing their laundry. So we decided to pick up, wash and return the clothes. They greatly appreciated that and our press gained ground. There is also shopping plus, which offers clothes and shoes of all cuts and all ages,” explains Jean Paul Taïwo.

Dona Agoussou, student and boss of the company Dona Marcus, also appreciated the holding of this congressional debate.

Dona Agoussou, student and owner of the company Dona Marcus

“It is very good to learn in school. At the university level, every student should know that he is on the threshold of working life. He must know what he wants. With this theme “How to start a business while still a student”, the student must easily choose between dependence and the spirit of free enterprise. For example, I am a student in 5e medical year and started my own company. I have a business specializing in baking and makeup. We train people in these areas.”

For this young lady, doing business is easy. Just dare, believe and take action. In short, you have to respect the 3 P’s, namely: passion, perseverance and patience.

Souleymane Bérété, better known as the first Bérété, one of the speakers, defines coaching as a profession of support or supervision. This professional coach advises students to do business. He wants the wealthy Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote as a reference.

Souleymane Bérété, better known as Bérété 1st

“Aliko Dangote said in one of his quotes that ‘a paid salary is not to be rich. The employee situation keeps us in dependence, while everyone wants to get rich. If you want to live in poverty, get a job, but if you want to get rich, do business,” he said and it’s true.”

This well-known coach in the intellectual community and among Internet users, teacher-researcher and member of the National Commission for UNESCO in Guinea, is one of those who have managed to have entrepreneurship as a subject. And starting next school year, students will learn entrepreneurship so they can break the ice and create jobs instead of chasing their jobs.

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