Bussy-en-Ode school returns to its walls after a year of work

It’s a bit of a race against time in Bussy-en-Othe. Next Friday, August 26, 2022, there are only three days left to make the municipal school, on the village square, accessible to the forty registered students for the 2022-2023 school year. Bags of cement, cans of paint and construction equipment were still scattered here and there this Friday. “There is still a lot to be completed, but our children will be able to return to the establishment,” reassures Mayor Catherine Decuyper.

Marathon: everything must be ready so that the students can go back to school on Thursday 1 September.

The city devoted a year to extensive work on the 1883 building. The roof was resumed. “We improved the insulation with new windows,” she explains. Heating is provided by a heat pump and a gas boiler. We estimate the energy gain at more than 40%.” The workers updated the electrical installations and worked on accessibility for the disabled by installing a ramp.

If the new school furniture is not in time for the start of the school year, the old one will be used temporarily.

“We have ordered new furniture (tables) that have not yet arrived,” adds Pascale Boyer, the assistant of the school affairs. I received a call that the delivery would take place before the start of the school year. As a precaution, we have the old hardware.”

With an area of ​​450 m² and surrounded by two courtyards (one paved, the second with grass), the school has two classrooms of 50 m² on the ground floor. The first floor is occupied by two rooms of multiple use (library, mobility area, etc.).

Preserving the soul of the places that have housed a school since 1883 (here the wooden floor) was also one of the essential aspects of this renovation.

“We took care to preserve the soul of the building, she specifies. the tiled entrance hall or the height of the ceiling.” The niche protecting Marianne’s bust above the front door has also been reinforced.

A complete renovation for € 334,096

The cost of this modernisation, voted by the council in 2020, is €334,096 excluding tax, Bussy-en-Othe pays €155,769. “I have been at the town hall since 1993 and I cannot remember that such works were ordered,” the alderman notes. “The replaced windows were about 30 years old,” notes his assistant.

The niche protecting a bust of Marianne has been reinforced.

The construction site had started last September, forcing the municipality to move the children. The 2021-2022 school year thus took place at Les Épicéas, a municipal building in the park behind the church and the town hall. “This transfer had received the approval of the firefighters for safety, the city authorities recalled. The park was no longer accessible because it served as a playground, recalls Catherine Decuyper. It was reopened this summer.”

Education: the municipal school of Looze has closed its doors with the departure of its last students on holiday this summer

The village of Bussy-en-Othe has joined forces with Brion in an intermunicipal educational group (RPI) that receives almost 90 students. The first welcomes CE1-CE2 and CM1-CM2 while the second takes care of kindergartens and preparatory courses (CP). This year, the RPI welcomes a few students from the Looze school, which closed its doors due to a lack of sufficient students.

Pierre Emmanuel Erard

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