Netflix offers The Gray Man mission in the Decentraland metaverse

The Gray Man, the most expensive film that Netflix produced together with Ryan Gosling, has recently been available on the streaming platform. And it even promotes it in the metaverse, as users can now embody an agent and complete a mission.

The Gray Man is coming to the Decentraland metaverse

The Gray Man by the Russo brothers was presented as an event film, with Ryan Gosling’s return to the screens on the one hand, and a hefty $200 million budget on the other. Hence a rather remarkable release… And a marketing that is in full swing, in the metaverse of Decentraland.

Indeed, there is a game The Gray Man, in which the user can embody an agent, who must find the exit of a labyrinth in order to access a secret room. Once the mission is completed, he will receive exclusive clothing and NFTsfor example, the jacket of Sierra Six, the main character.

To get these collectibles back, of course you have to link your wallet. Keep in mind, though, that Decentraland offers guest access, allowing anyone to experience the game without needing a wallet.

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The metaverse as a promotional tool

So if we were still in doubt, it is confirmation that the major platforms taking their first steps in the metaverse. But is it enough to attract the general public? A simple maze doesn’t represent the pinnacle of the gaming experience. Without the added value of NFTs, it’s not completely unrelated to the promotional games once found in cereal boxes.

So to attract a substantial portion of the audience to Decentraland and the other metaverses, it will certainly take more than these promotional initiatives – even though Netflix is ​​tied to them.

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