Montpellier: pending the Schools 2030 plan, summer work in the school heritage

The pupils of the Galilée school will discover some changes at the beginning of the school year… (©CN / Metropolitan)

As every summerwhen students and teachers go on vacation, the city of Montpellier operate at renovation and modernization works in his school heritage. seventy five schoolsfor a budget of 105M€have thus benefited from various interventions for the well-being of a few 21,497 children from Montpellier ready to return soon.

105M€ every summer

With 116 public schools, good for 190,000 m2, the school heritage of the city of Montpellier requires special attention. If there have been 5,654 interventions for minor repairs or troubleshooting since the beginning of the year, the summer period is always conducive to launching more substantial works.

“Holidays have not been easy for our city teams, architects and companies,” confided Michaël Delafosse at the start of the traditional visit to some sites managed over the past two months. Seventy-five schools have undergone roofing, sun protection, sanitary repairs, joinery renovations, interior renovations, training courses… An investment of 105 million euros per summer that is also aimed at making the buildings ecologically transitional.

Provide tutoring

In addition, with the new term of office, the education allowance per student has been increased from € 40.50 to € 50. “This gives libraries, school outings… and teachers a much wider range of opportunities to work better”, welcomed the mayor. For example, all nursery and primary schools are now equipped with a video projector. “A tool much appreciated by the staff for learning geography, languages…” he greets this time with the teacher’s cap.

When substantial investments are made in equipment for the well-being of some 21,947 students, the city of Montpellier also wanted to support them in their academic success through the school support plan, secular and free. “Many parents enroll their child in private lessons. We are very mobilized so that there will be a public offer that the teachers will accept after school. It’s a time to help with reading, homework… at the discretion of each teacher,” explains Michaël Delafosse. There too, the costs for the community are considerable, but the interest is greater. “We focus on symbolic figures in the debate, but it is not negligible from 0 to 800,000 € for tutoring. It is an investment that we will not have political consequences, but in 20 years we will have sown well,” says the mayor.

A school plan for 2030

To address the dual challenge represented by demographic growth (nearly 4,000 new residents per year) and national education systems (duplication of CP-CE1 classes in schools in REP or REP+ or the number of 24 pupils in primary school), should the needs really be in Montpellier. When the old schools of the Mosson are renovated as part of the Urban Renewal Programme, about ten new schools are studied and programmed. Future facilities characterized by their exemplary character, both in terms of use and sustainable development, and their architecture that fall within a soon-to-be presented School 2030 investment plan.

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