Teachers wanted in more than one in two schools

Just a few days before the start of the new school year, more than one in two schools (55%) is looking for at least one part-time or substitute teacher, and almost one in three schools (31%), at least one full-time teacher.

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In any case, this is the portrait drawn by the Quebec Federation of Educational Establishment Directors (FQDE), based on a survey of its members held on Tuesday. The FQDE, which represents the majority of school principals in the province, is convinced that this sound reflects the reality on the ground.

However, these are not official figures. The Ministry of Education had no recent data on this subject at the end of the day yesterday.

Last week, however, Quebec indicated that there are still about 700 full-time teachers in the school network, which includes just over 2,700 primary and secondary schools. However, this figure did not include all vacant part-time positions and contracts, which often outnumber full-time positions to be filled in many school service centers.

Substitutes for back to school

The new quantified portrait of the FQDE remains “very worrying”, especially a few days before the start of the school year, confirms its president, Nicolas Prévost.

However, the latter specifies that the full-time teachers sought in primary education are not only classroom teachers, but also teachers specializing in music, English, or physical education.

However, Mr Prévost does not see how there will be a teacher in each class at the beginning of the school year, as the Minister of Education, Jean-François Robberge, recently confirmed.

“Yes, we will still have substitutes at the beginning of the school year. There will be an adult in each class, but … remains to be seen who it will be,” he drops.

Mr Prévost fears that remedial teachers or specialist educators will have to take charge of groups, which would deprive students in difficulty of specialist services.

“Real Problem”

The fears are the same on the part of the Federation of Parent Committees of Quebec. “It’s really worrying, we can see it’s a real problem. Unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable students who will suffer,” laments chairman Kévin Roy.

These recruitment difficulties at the beginning of the school year do not bode well for the future, adds Mr. Prévost. In the coming weeks it will also be necessary to find other teachers to replace those on maternity and sick leave, while the benches of replacements in several service centers are dry, he indicates.


  • No in 69%schools
  • At least 1 in 31% schools
  • At least 5 in 5% schools


  • No in 45% schools
  • At least 1 in 55%schools
  • At least 5 in 11% schools

Source: Survey conducted Aug. 23 by the Quebec Federation of Educational Establishment Directors. The respondents come from at least 150 different schools.

465 vacancies in childcare

In schools in the Québec region, it is above all the recruitment of nurseries that is a source of concern a few days before the start of the school year: there are still 465 vacancies.

The Capital School Service Center lacks 136 educators to fill part-time positions and contracts in day care services, while this number rises to 172 on the Première-Seigneuries side.

At the Découvreurs school service center there is still a shortage of 85 people to fill 52 vacancies and 33 replacements. “Our staff team continues to work hard to fill these vacancies and to ensure our schools provide quality service,” said communications advisor Charles-Antoine Gagnon.

Last year, on the same date, there were about 350 childcare vacancies at the three service centers on Quebec’s north coast, up from nearly 400 this year.

To this portrait, we must also add the 65 full-time and part-time positions to be filled in the schools of the Navigateurs School Service Center, on the south coast of Quebec.

Call to parents

Faced with the inability to fill jobs in certain institutions, school principals sent messages to parents inviting them to find alternative solutions to avoid having to rely on childcare.

Older students who can stay home alone are especially invited to come home in the afternoon or at the end of classes, says the Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles.

” Never seen “

The same scenario is also repeated in different regions of Quebec. At the provincial level, the school network is still looking for 1,500 support staff, according to figures compiled by the CSN’s Civil Service Federation in recent days.

School sector president Annie Charland says the situation is “catastrophic”.

“We saw the shortage coming for a few years, but this year we are breaking records. It’s unheard of,” she says.

Ms Charland regrets that the maximum number of students per group, which is around twenty in childcare, is in danger of being exceeded at several schools.

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