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Etymologically, metaverse is the association of two words: meta meaning “beyond” and verse meaning “universe”. It presents itself as an evolution of the internet and the transition to web 3.0. In fact, the operating principle is based on the user’s complete immersion and interconnectivity in their online experience. For this he uses augmented reality and virtual reality. Without further discussion, we zoom in on the reasons for choosing to invest in this New Digital World.

The rise of the virtual sector

The first reason to opt for an investment in the metaverse lies in the expansion that the sector of the virtual reality. Indeed, this remarkable growth represents a blessing to all types of investors (big or small). It undeniably marks the beginning of an evolution that will certainly continue in the coming years. Sandbox reviews can give you more certainty about this.

In 2021, the Global Metaverse Market Size will be: estimated at 38.85 billion from dollars. According to the predictions it would be around $800 billion in 2024. According to these analyses, there is no longer any doubt that the metaverse is a new revolution. This has led to a large number of investors and companies paying special attention to it. In reality, the latter are looking for the gold nuggets of this sector that make up the future universe.

Facebook name change

If there is a fundamental reason to bet on an investment in the metaverse, it would be related to the new decision of Mark Zuckerberg regarding Facebook. He gave a new name to his company which is now meta. The reasons for an action are clear. Indeed, he expects to make big profits in the virtual reality sector, which is already in its infancy and experiencing remarkable growth.

In addition, this option enabled him to overcome the tax problems that caused the deterioration of Facebook’s brand image in the real world. Indeed, this company is accused of not paying its taxes correctly, of tax evasion. Therefore, the metaverse allowed him to take a new direction. Investing in this virtual universe is then an ideal way to be more successful.

The GAFAM are also interested in the Metaverse

If you’re looking for reasons to invest in the metaverse, remember that this universe is coveted by several other big companies outside of Facebook as well. These include:

  • Microsoft
  • epic games
  • Niantic
  • Telephone call
  • Nvidia
  • google
  • Tencent

The jackpot is that Tinder also ventures into the integration of the metaverse. So now you can enjoy the fertile dating market. Still, it will be in the virtual world. So you can definitely invest in this New World.

A change of society in sight

To prevent metaverse does not exclusively mark the birth of a new technological creation. She is also an announcer of a change of society. Indeed, based on its working principle, metaverse aims to radically change the way the human species works, plays, interacts and manages its interrelationships.

In fact, this universe will change all social interactions, in all sectors. He is in fact the omen of a new way of living and thinking. Therefore, it would invest in a way to adapt to this world.

The Growing Popularity of NFTs

The other reason to invest in the metaverse is NFTs. Non-fungible tokens became very popular with the arrival of this New World. They are like a guarantee of authenticity and assert themselves as a certificate of digital ownership. They actually represent the gateway to the metaverse. Several million dollars have already been invested in it. Billions of extra investments will be made in the coming years.

NFTs can be used to validate both files and transactions in the virtual art market in this New World. You can also use it to move your digital goods from one digital world to another without any hassle. So you can invest in this universe to take full advantage of all its prerogatives. You can register on the official Sandbox website to get started.

The explosion of virtual art

The digital form of NFT let art make use of their existence. For example, several artists have already started selling virtual artworks to earn money. As an illustration, major London-based auctioneer Christie’s created a collage of digital images of beeple (American artist) at $69 million. To achieve this, she has just purchased an NFT proving that the work is hers.

In addition, it should be noted that the metaverse also allows you to sell your own works, and this in your virtual gallery. It actually makes the art market accessible to everyone with an unparalleled artistic democratization movement.

In terms of profit, remember that the prices paid for certain artistic productions that you look away from in real life are undoubtedly unimaginable. So if you’re looking for a source of income and not aesthetics, investing in the artistic metaverse is a perfect choice.

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