Numérisak de la Région: improving student working conditions and complementing learning methods

On Monday, August 22, the president of the region, Huguette BELLO, presented the new regional system: Numérisak at Sarda Garriga secondary school in Saint-André. Were present the Director of the Lycée David RIVIÈRE, the Mayor of Saint-André, Joé BÉDIER, the Inspector of the Academy, Sandrine INGREMEAU, the Rector of the Reunion Academy, Chantal MANÈS-BONNISSEAU, as well as the Deputy Vice-President of Education, Céline SITOUZE, and Regional Councilors Stéphanie POINY-TOPLAN, Régine CHANE-HONG and Anne CHANE-KAYE-BONE TAVEL.

Numérisak is the new regional system for second and first year CAP students. Thus, the digital school bag will improve students’ working conditions and complement students’ learning methods by providing new high school students with computer equipment, so that all young Reunionese have the same opportunities to access digital technology.

“Making room for a real strategy for a better school

For the mayor of Saint-André, “Numerisak is a more suitable, innovative and more inclusive device. This collaboration between the Region and the Reunion Academy is essential. »

“Digital is a complex subject with a lot at stake, especially in school. » The president of the region confirms it: “Our lives have been shaken up by the rise of digital technology, in our homes, at work, on our travels, in the way we communicate. Digital is everywhere. The school is a place of knowledge and knowledge. If digital technology is to be given a fully-fledged place in school, there must also be room for a real strategy for a better school. A revolution is underway, that of digital education, integrating essential learning resources into the computer. They are accessible to both the student and the teachers. So we will have interconnected lessons. »

Bridging student inequalitys”

For Huguette BELLO, “The issue of digital technology in schools goes far beyond the distribution of vouchers. With the Numérisak we transform a simple computer into a real working tool for the students. This year, 16,000 high school students will be endowed. »

Numérisak is based on 3 pillars:
equipment: a voucher of € 350 per student. High-end, high-performance equipment with a 14-inch screen
- access to learning resources – textbooks and special licenses
- connection between students and teachers.

8 million euros have been invested in this Numerisak and Numériklass system.

The President of the Region reminds us, “Access to a computer for everyone makes it possible to bridge the inequalities between students. It is a guarantee of equality for the digital. In addition, this system also offers a support of € 240 per year to guarantee Internet access to the most modest of families. »

“It’s an important step”for the Rector of the Academy, “that of transforming pedagogy to enable a 21st century school, a fairer, more inclusive school. The school is in a time of great turmoil, which has accelerated the COVID crisis. It is therefore our role to ensure that these new customs bring meaning and success to our students. »

Preparing our students for the challenges of tomorrow

The Vice-President of Education Céline SITOUZE tells us that she is happy. “The importance of this new device is to provide a real educational tool. A backpack weighs up to almost 7 kg with all textbooks. With this device, in which digital textbooks are integrated, this comes down to a weight of 1.4 kg. »

This sequence of presentation of the device was followed by a direct application with a concrete demonstration of a Numéri class in a mathematics course taught by Mrs. Florence GRONDIN LEBON.

“School is the mother of struggle. It is the beating heart of Reunion. This new tool will modernize our secondary schools and prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow. This is the future of Reunion » Huguette BELLO ends.

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