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From Thursday, September 1, 2022, the metropolis of Nice Côte d’Azur will improve the network of Lignes d’Azur.

New lines
Service Area Extensions
Network customization and simplification

From Thursday 1 September 2022, the inhabitants of the Métropole can count on new transport lines, the expansion of catchment areas and a simplification of the Lignes d’Azur network.

>>Change of regular lines

In order to support the start of the construction site of the Hôtel des Polices and to facilitate access to the city center, the routes of lines 5 and 8 will be adapted.

Line 5 (Rimiez Les Sources – Rimiez Saint-Georges – Deloye / Dubouchage)

In the direction of Deloye / Dubouchage, line 5 will serve a new stop “Dubouchage / Durandy”, located on the boulevard Dubouchage near the tram station “Durandy”. The stops “Saint-Roch Hospital”, “Alberti / Hôtel des Postes” and “Pastorelli” are no longer served.

Line 8 (La Planas / Sappia – Pasteur Hospital)

In the direction of Las Planas / Sappia, line 8 will serve a new stop “Treasury” in rue Tonduti de l’Escarène. The stop “Hôpital Saint-Roch” is no longer served.

Lines 16 (Col de Bast – Cimiez Hôpital) and 33 (Mont Boron – Cimiez Hôpital)

The terminus of the “Cimiez Hôpital” was renamed “Collège Matisse”.

Line 32 (Caucade / Place Sainte-Marguerite – Promenade des Arts)

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, line 32 only runs between Caucade / Place Sainte-Marguerite and Ferber. Tram line 2 and line 12 provide connections to the city center.

Line 34 (Archet College – Geronima / The Centenary)

The timetable for line 34 will be simplified. Roseland Abbey will be served to the driver in the direction of Géronima upon simple request. For more comfort on board the buses, some departures will be doubled and made with a more direct route.

Line 52 (Les Cappan Croisement – ​​​​​​Shopping Center / Saint Isidore)

The route of line 52 will be adapted to serve the center of the village of Colomars and thus meet many requests. It now serves the “Fontaine d’Agneau”, “Colle Germaine”, “Les Serraires” and “Colomars Village” stops in both directions.

Line 55 (La Pompe – CAP3000 Shopping Center)

In the direction of the CAP3000 Shopping Centre, line 55 leaves from the “Manon des Sources” stop instead of the “La Pompe” stop at La Gaude. In the return direction, the terminus at the stop “La Pompe” remains.

Line 73 (Media Library – CAP3000 Shopping Center)

Line 73, which connects the municipality of Carros and the CAP3000 Shopping Center via the Route de la Baronne, will now run on Sundays and public holidays. The Sunday service has so far been provided by line 22, which now maintains its usual route on Sundays and public holidays, via the Mercantour road.

Line 81 (Drap La Condamine – Nice)

The route of line 81 is being adapted to serve the Oli district in the municipality of La Trinité and the Ariane district in Nice. In addition to lines 7 and 14, the connection to the Lycée de Drap is thus facilitated and direct.

The following stops are now served at an additional cost:

o Direction “Ariane / General Saramito”: “Sainte-Anne”, “La Nuit”, “L’Oli”, “Pont de l’Ariane”, “Pont de l’Ariane/Nice”, “Le Paillon”, “ Les Mûriers’ and ‘Lino Ventura’.
o Direction “Drap La Condamine”: “Ecole Prévert”, “Place de l’Ariane”, “Maurice Jaubert”, “Chênes Blancs”, “Saint-Joseph”, “L’Oli”, “La Nuit”, “Sainte -Anne” and “Route de Laghet”.

Gattières/Carros – Thierry Maulnier and Eucalyptus secondary schools: Creation of line C

The new line C, an addition to line 22 (Carros Pagnol – CADAM Center Administratif), specifically serves the secondary schools Thierry Maulnier and Eucalyptus from Gattières, Carros – l’Emigra and Carros Pagnol. It operates from Monday to Friday, only during the school period.

>>A la carte lines

The à la Carte lines run on easy reservation and from stop to stop. To travel à la Carte Lines, users must reserve their seat on the website or by telephone (0800 006 007) from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 19:45, 14 days in advance until the last minute for the desired trip. This service is accessible with all Lignes d’Azur tickets and subscriptions.

Colomars – Nice Nord: Creation of the C12 à la carte line

In order to offer new connections between Colomars, the hills of Nice and the north of Nice, the new C12 à la Carte line will provide services on request to the district of La Sirole, Avenue de la Clua, Chemin du Col Bast, Saint- Pancrace en Saint-Sylvestre, Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Colomars – Nice Ouest: Extension of the service area of ​​the C5 à la carte line

Lines 53 and 56 will be replaced by de la Carte Line C5: more flexible, line C5 will serve the municipalities of Aspremont, Colomars – Colomars La Manda and Nice (Croix de Berra, Saint-Antoine-Ginestière, Saint-Roman de Bellet , Saint-Pancrace , Crémat, Saquier, Saint-Isidore), Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

In order to complete the service to Colomars and the hills of Nice and provide a complete network of public transport, the line C5 à la Carte will offer new stops in Colomars:

o In the La Sirole district: “La Réone”, “Pas du Pommier”, “Les Oliviers”, “Garel”, “Collet Boréo”, “Clermont”, “La Béaude”

o On the way to Colle Germaine: “Vieux Moulin”, “Les Bassins”, “L’Ibac”

o Already served by lines 52 and 62, the following stops will now also be bookable with the à la carte line C5: “La Carrière d’Aspremont”, “Lou Nidou”, “Le Trier”, “Colle Germaine”, “Le Pilon”, “Le Génie / Bellet”, “Chemin de la Tour”, “Bagnas”, “Bona”, “Toit Zézette”, “Durandy Canta / Galet”, “Ginestière” and “Saint-Isidore”.

La Trinité: Extension of the service area of ​​line C11

To complete the service to La Trinité, the à la carte line C11 will serve the stops “Pont de la Roma” and “Chemin de l’Arbre” in La Trinité. Transport is available from Monday to Saturday from 07:30 to 18:30.

Saint-Martin-Vésubie: Extension of the service area of ​​the C45 à la Carte Line

In order to strengthen the internal services of Saint-Martin-Vésubie by public transport, the line C45 à la Carte serves the new stop “Raoul Audibert” since 25 July 2022.

>>Lignes d’Azur simplifies the network!

Several bus stops are known for better identification and better legibility of the lines.

In order to inform and guide travelers as best as possible, a communication system is used on the network: Posters, dissemination on the site and on social networks.
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