Business Angels: the great team of the new Finaqui

New office, new board of directors, new ambitions… Under the impulse of its new president Guillaume-Olivier Doré, the association of Business Angels Finaqui is relaunching itself by changing its dimension: it wants to become THE club of Aquitaine entrepreneurs.

The new members of the Finaqui office: Thomas Bulle, future permanent member of the association, Grégoire Baggio, Laurent Galinier, Guillaume-Olivier Doré and Sylvain Barret are driven by the same desire: “to come together within a club of entrepreneurs and “invest in the real local economy” © Atelier Gallien / Echos Judiciaires Girondins

The Aquitaine Association of Business Angels Finaqui, which had been inactive for almost 2 years, needed a new lease of life. So 6 months ago, financier Axel Chamspreis, transition secretary of Finaqui, contacted Guillaume-Olivier Doré, multi-entrepreneur in the financial sector, to propose him to revive the association created in 2007 in Bordeaux. for the one who founded the Bordeaux Fintech Elwin, and set up an investment fund in Paris in 2003 which he raised up to 500 million euros before selling it 12 years later to settle in Bordeaux. Working in a certain continuity, with “the idea of ​​building a more ambitious project, without distorting what Finaqui was historically”, to the approximately one hundred members of the largest association of Business Angels in New Aquitaine, Guillaume-Olivier Doré however, things changed radically.

We want to increase and professionalize Finaqui’s investment capacity

Immediately after his election as president in November 2020, he first began “organizing a small group of motivated volunteers to take over,” he explains. The new office was established in December (in parallel with the old one) with a new vice president, Laurent Galinier, an entrepreneur in the optical trading industry; a new secretary, Grégoire Baggio, Fintech entrepreneur; a new treasurer, Sylvain Barret, a medical and paramedical entrepreneur, at Finaqui for 3 years; and finally Thomas Bulle, one of the association’s two future permanent employees, who has been working on standardizing investment processes for three months.

“We want to increase and professionalize Finaqui’s investment capacity, by applying the methods and standards of the investment industry. This is the tip of the iceberg, but it is an essential point to achieve a certain quality of service”, assures Guillaume-Olivier Doré, who ultimately wants to “bundle all investments in investment funds in the region”, such as partners and potential co-founders. investors.

There is no longer an obligation to invest in companies to join Finaqui


Another major change initiated by the president of the association and his team: make Finaqui an open club of entrepreneurs and develop support for projects there. “It’s a big paradigm shift: there is no longer an obligation to invest in companies to be a member of Finaqui, you just have to be an entrepreneur” and fulfill the 100 euro membership, says Guillaume-Olivier Doré.

The man who co-founded Viadeo, created the first group of French Business Angels Agregator and has been Vice President of French Tech Bordeaux for 2 years now, is convinced: “There is nothing better than sharing knowledge between entrepreneurs to succeed. This is what we want to recreate.” In order to animate this new network, Guillaume-Olivier Doré wants to recruit a second permanent one, which is also why he decided to renew the board of directors of the association by opening it up to personalities of different backgrounds, to support projects “in accordance with their maturity” and their “sectoral expertise needs”.

Several of them have already volunteered as “future new active members of Finaqui” (see box), including Stéphane Laurent, Hélène Desliens, Cyril Texier and Nicolas Castet. “We are going to expand into sectors that we were not aware of, depending on the know-how of the members. Everyone has skills to bring to the companies we support, everyone will add their value to the system,” assures Guillaume-Olivier Doré. The entrepreneur concerned also wants to develop two topics that are close to his heart at Finaqui: inclusion and the social and solidarity economy (ESS). “We seek diversity and equality between the members of the bureau and the board of directors.

That’s why we appeal to the people,” he announced. “We also want Finaqui to be open to entrepreneurs, cooperatives and specialized investment funds from the SSE universe, because tomorrow’s companies must be able to soak up this culture, as well as the companies of the SSE must be able to immerse themselves in the notions of the traditional economy”, he thinks.


The new investment vehicle Finaqui “Evergreen” should be ready by the end of April. With no time limit (unlike the previous Finaqui 1, 2 and 3), this fund is designed to grow “by taking on new investors at any time” and thanks to the reinvestment of capital gains. “This is also a culture change for Finaqui, which puts us in the position of a long-term investor alongside the leaders,” emphasizes Guillaume-Olivier Doré. The first investments, average tickets between 100,000 and 300,000 euros, should be completed before the summer.

We want to bring together all investment funds in the region

“We have already identified 3 files out of the ten we analyze every week,” reveals the president of Finaqui, who simply wants to make it the platform “that entrepreneurs reflexively connect or connect to when they want to share them with their colleagues. or finance their company An ambitious project, we tell you!


Vice President and Treasurer of French Tech Bordeaux, very involved in the networks of entrepreneurs, Guillaume-Olivier Doré used his relations to attract the first future new active members of the board of the association.

Among them the entrepreneur Stephane Laurentformer vice president of French Tech Bordeaux, former director of the strategic health division of the Alpha-RLH competitiveness cluster, architect of the creation of the regional health metacluster ALLIS-NA, member of the national e-health municipality, “small investor” “very motivated to invest and actively participate in the association in the field of health and e-health” and partnerships.

Helene Desliens, specialist in digital, training and support of innovative projects, as well as vice president of French Tech Bordeaux and member of the international network of Google experts. What interests her in the project: “a club that allows to create relationships of trust that will grow these business projects”, while familiarizing her with the investment sector.

Cyril Texier, co-founder of the conversational robot publisher Dydu, which he just left in favor of a fundraiser. The president of French Tech Bordeaux for 2 years hopes, by joining the board of directors of Finaqui, “to make the two associations work together. This club of entrepreneurs may be of interest to members of French Tech. The idea is to meet, discuss and create opportunities”.

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